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  1. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Coke vs. Pepsi

  2. BeeN deaLing with LiFe struggleS sorry fraNs

  3. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    What song are you listening to?

  4. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Train coming through

    Hi. I'm thinking abOut Joining. We should play togEther sometime.
  5. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    KSI lucipher IV returns!

    Hi. I need more xbox friends. Want to play together sometime?
  6. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    What's your favorite cereal?

    Mine is FrostEd mini wheAts. I of course couldnT list them All so post yoUr faVorite if iTs not liSteD
  7. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Pokemon Go Chat

    I'm getTing close tO level 11
  8. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Favorite Energy Drink

    red bull
  9. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    New to ksi but not new to gaming

    hi whaT leVel are You oN pokeMon Go?
  10. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Pokemon Go

    iM leVel 10
  11. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Best Studying Music?

    With aMazon prIme musiC i listen to the PlaylistS they HavE or staTionS
  12. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    What song are you listening to?

    follow yOu down - ZEDD
  13. DrunkEnNo0dleS

    Favorite Rock Band

  14. DrunkEnNo0dleS


    Hi iM No0dleS. ThaTs alwaYs beEn a nicknamE of miNe. My old roomMate had be Sign up herE yEars ago. mY new rOommate haS beEn tryinG to geT me to gamE more so i caMe back on hEre to see iF i coUld makE friendS or meeT Ppl to plAy witH.