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  1. Hey everyone I'm looking to get a team going in smite not a division or a clan just a team for some MLG if your interested pm me on here of the box .. gamertag Snyder462
  2. Snyder

    Guardians of the Galaxy Game News

    Woohoo this is going to be awesome
  3. Snyder

    Favorite PS4 Games?

    Everthing Naughty Dog makes is Gold and of course God of War , Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet
  4. Snyder

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    honestly i have never played it i went straight to dota 2 ... if you get enought people ill give it a go why not i will even download it now .. i play Vainglory on my phone
  5. Snyder

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    I had to lmao 1000 hrs in Dota 2 lmao ... i think Babymama plays lol though
  6. Snyder

    Dota 2

    let em know if you want to play sometime .. i usually play support i haven't played league
  7. Snyder

    Dota 2

    any players here i have 1000 hrs
  8. Snyder

    Battlefield 1

    who plays im looking for players to form squads and fool about in custom games add me or drop your psn here
  9. Snyder

    Favorite Battlefield 1 Weapons?

    love it but it runs out of ammo fast good to use with a full squad i destroy with it and the M1903 is good i like it the smle is prolly best though check out this vid about sniping
  10. Snyder

    Favorite Battlefield 1 Weapons?

    Selbstlader Optical - medic Hellriegel - Assault MG-15 - Support M1903 - Sniper
  11. Snyder

    Looking for Input for Call of Duty Content

    I lost interest in COD after MW3 .. but the site looks good easy to navigate i like it and have seen much worse lol i will buy remaster if its sold alone
  12. Snyder

    Favorite book

    Clive Barker's Book's Of Blood
  13. Snyder

    looking for PS4 Battlefield 1 players

    Sent yeah that was kinda a weird move early access on Tues games usually come out on Tues early access should have been like Fri but whatever i dont work for EA
  14. PSN - Snyder462 i want to get a big friends list and do some custom stuff and stream it ... if that interests you add me