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  1. KSI Nagisa's App

    If you dig you can find a portable copy of Photoshop or gimp works too
  2. KSI Death Suns application

    I like them can I get one more in color plz
  3. Meg's Application

  4. You can dig up a copy of Photoshop or Photoshop portable on YouTube for leaning purposes etc or gimp is really good it has come along way ... Once we see where you stand with your work and your software we can toss tutorials at you and get ya on the team
  5. Logo theme ideas

    Hey everyone we are trying to work on a newish logo we need a theme like Knight,Devil Dragon etc to put something like below together using the current logo .. if you would kindly toss your ideas here and when we have a bunch we will make a poll and vote on one then go from there on the logo. Just and example I found on Google
  6. Looking for work as Editor

    Photoshop is not outdated lmao and Art Studio is a free software that is no where close to Photoshop the only thing it is better for is drawing .. if I was you I would do some editing tutorials and maby some basic digital art Tut's and learn basics
  7. PIC Request for Gamertag

    Good idea let us see what we can do for ya
  8. SOTF 4/25

    I know SOTF Snyder is off his meds .. that may be so but Signature Of The Fortnight that's every two weeks so this one is due 5/9 .... Theme is WW2 get creative have fun all you need to do to win is have a piece that meets the theme best .. this is for the whole community to participate in that means anyone ... After 2 weeks I will post a poll for the community to vote on the best one ... Please send your submissions to myself or Anatomy .. have fun make cool stuff
  9. Hey everyone I'm looking to get a team going in smite not a division or a clan just a team for some MLG if your interested pm me on here of the box .. gamertag Snyder462
  10. Guardians of the Galaxy Game News

    Woohoo this is going to be awesome
  11. Kinghellish_ Design Team Application

  12. KSI Angel's Application

    What's up dude .. would you kindly read this And try one of these http://www.sigtutorials.com/tutorials/c4d-tutorials/killzone-c4d-signature-tutorial.html
  13. Signature Request

  14. Signature Request

  15. Favorite PS4 Games?

    Everthing Naughty Dog makes is Gold and of course God of War , Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet