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  1. Guess whos coming back to the online world..... this guy!

  2. Pull up to the party in the Lambo and you cant even park cuz theres too many people around the car, easy solution us a few redlines

  3. This is some strong stuff man.

  4. This is some strong stuff man.

  5. KSI Obsidian7

    Favorite pet?

    I used to have a crested gekko he was awesome till the mean cat broke a hole in the cage and i looked everywhere for him but couldnt find him so i thought the cat ate it till 2 years later my dad finds its remains in a aqarium that my mom never used and piled stuff on it. So as mean as that cat is atleast it didnt eat it and i have closure
  6. KSI Obsidian7

    Fav games?

    Love me some forza
  7. KSI Obsidian7

    What song are you listening to?

    Burger by Tyler the Creator
  8. KSI Obsidian7

    Favorite song

    Sandwiches Tyler the Creator
  9. Soooo freaking sick. Feelin like ima die.

  10. Soooo freaking sick. Feelin like ima die.

  11. When a person you have known and been friends with all your life betrays you and snitches to the cops on some dumb s*** it really hurts. #snitchesgetstiches

  12. Well once again i am very sick and of course its 5 days before my Birthday. I hate getting sick on my birthday and major holidays it seems to be happening every year now. WTF to that