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  1. Guess whos coming back to the online world..... this guy!

  2. Pull up to the party in the Lambo and you cant even park cuz theres too many people around the car, easy solution us a few redlines

  3. KSI Obsidian7

    Who is in your Top 5 Youtubers?

    Mine are mostly not gamers. 1. Salomondrin, hes got a nice car collection but can get annoying. 2. Lui Calibre 3. FpsRussia- he dont make videos anymore. 4. Schmee150- really annoying but i like cars soo ya and idk a 5th one right now
  4. KSI Obsidian7

    Do you watch the news? How often?

    I watch it at 6am and 6pm errryyy day
  5. This is some strong stuff man.

  6. This is some strong stuff man.

  7. KSI Obsidian7


    Atleast you dont have whooping cough and you dont have a blizzard warning for a foot of snow and wind chill temp of -13 today and this weekend and possibly having crohns disease or however you spell it.
  8. KSI Obsidian7

    Favorite pet?

    I used to have a crested gekko he was awesome till the mean cat broke a hole in the cage and i looked everywhere for him but couldnt find him so i thought the cat ate it till 2 years later my dad finds its remains in a aqarium that my mom never used and piled stuff on it. So as mean as that cat is atleast it didnt eat it and i have closure
  9. KSI Obsidian7

    Fav games?

    Love me some forza
  10. KSI Obsidian7

    My mom

    Sorry to hear. Hang in there l, im sure its hard i cant stand the thought of loosing my moms. All i know about cancer is almost everyone ive meant has lost family to cancer or know someone who has it. Cancer took my grandfathers both on my mom and fathers side before i got to meet them.
  11. KSI Obsidian7

    What song are you listening to?

    Burger by Tyler the Creator
  12. KSI Obsidian7

    Everyone post all the anime shows you've seen!

    Watch Blood+
  13. KSI Obsidian7

    Its so dead around here.

    I just found out theres a im guessing food place in the city that i go to called "Insomnia Cookies" havent gone into the place yet cuz it sounds sketchy. OMG THERES SOMETHING MAKING A VERY UNHUMAN OUTSIDW MY HOUSE AND ITS SCARY AS HELL. This is why i hate living right next to a whole bunch of woods and always waking up at 3am when its still pitch black out.
  14. KSI Obsidian7

    Coke vs. Pepsi