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  1. KSI_Doomzy

    Meet HideharoiIXX

    I played Destiny for a majority so I would not know a specific member to play Battlefield with. I do not play PS very often seeing as I do not have my PS4 anymore but feel free to add my personal account Doom_Bound
  2. KSI_Doomzy

    Meet HideharoiIXX

    You won't find a better group of guys than the ones in KSI, I started out in the PS side of things back in July and I felt right at home in the community.
  3. KSI_Doomzy

    Learn to Edit

    I was wondering if someone could show me the ropes in graphics design?
  4. KSI_Doomzy

    Need Help PC Rebuild

    I have a old Dell XPS 400 I want to make Windows 7 capable but I have no idea how to do that. I plan on putting the graphics card and HDD from my laptop into it as well
  5. KSI_Doomzy

    Problems with Steam

    Yeah the verify failed, I'm uninstalling and reinstalling and seeing if that works.
  6. KSI_Doomzy

    Problems with Steam

    So for some reason my PC doesn't want to launch Skyrim anymore, when I tried at first the game would start up to the main menu, then crash, but now it wont even launch. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. KSI_Doomzy

    A pc that can play skyrim

    Check out the Alien Ware x51
  8. KSI_Doomzy

    BETA Codes

    Does anyone have any extra Destiny BETA codes left over?
  9. KSI_Doomzy

    Destiny BETA

  10. KSI_Doomzy


    Okay Thanks!
  11. KSI_Doomzy

    Destiny BETA

    Is there any other way than a pre-order for me to get access to the Destiny BETA?
  12. KSI_Doomzy

    Best console of all time

    1: The NES 2: Atari 3: Original Xbox 4: Playstation 2 5: Gameboy (all generations)
  13. KSI_Doomzy


    I'll be getting an Xbox One as well when the money situation permits it Would you happen to know anyone who could make me a forum signature?
  14. KSI_Doomzy


    Hey guys, just go recruited in. My main PSN ID is Doom_Bound, but my KSI acc is KSI_Doomzy I figured I would go ahead and make a post to get my name out there and build a friendbase within the community.