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  1. Buy me, use me, break me, fix me, Trash me, change me, mail, upgrade me, Charge me, point me, zoom me, press me, Snap me, work me, quick, erase me - LOVE ME

  2. KSI Dev 7

    New member KSI PaRaNeXiuM

    Sweet welcome to my division and to KSI
  3. KSI Dev 7

    Anyone wanna play Dying Light The Following

    Sweet man I'll add u
  4. A anyone wanna play Dying Light the Following with me this game I just re downloaded dying light for the following and it's co op so looking for members to play with hmu my GT is KSI Dev 7
  5. KSI Dev 7

    KSI Xbox One

    Ewh exiled don't add him jk nah exiled is cool
  6. KSI Dev 7

    Halo 5, Anyone?

    SCORCH AND PHOENIX now two halo 5 squads in HF yay
  7. KSI Dev 7

    Supernatural TV show [spoilers]

    Kered is back on forums ? Welcome back
  8. KSI Dev 7

    Halo 5 KB Tournament

    My team Team Name : Jumpman KSI Devon (Captain) StrawLeg Immortal HF
  9. KSI Dev 7

    KSI Day Event Staff Sign ups!

    XBL/PSN/PC Gamertag: KSI Devon Division/Squad/Rank: HF Defiant Gen Time in KSI ACTIVE:3 months History of being blacklisted or DNH'd?nope Have you ever helped run a event before, if so what was your role? Not besides tourneys and squad events Why should you be selected over others. Because I have a bunch of creative ideas for the Xbox 1 section and I will plan an awesome KSI days What role would you interested in specifically (Hosting a tournament, event planning, etc)? Hosting a tournament ,event planning Anything else? LL KSI
  10. KSI Dev 7

    Hey I'm looking for the COD AW XB1 Squad

    Hit me up KSI Devon
  11. KSI Dev 7

    Star Wars

    Excited for battlefront crusader cause it's coming 2 the Xbox 1
  12. KSI Dev 7

    throw back

    R u in KSI
  13. KSI Dev 7

    Does KSI have xbox 1 Destiny

    I'm trying to get my friend in KSI bruh 1v1 me 😂 on halo later lol
  14. KSI Dev 7

    Does KSI have xbox 1 Destiny

    Ok thanks
  15. KSI Dev 7

    Does KSI have xbox 1 Destiny

    My friend wants a destiny squad for Xbox 1 so who do I get him in contact with