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  1. KSI Monsterz


    Hit me up for MW3 or BO2
  2. KSI Monsterz


    I would love to be apart of the KSI MLG team. I have knowledge of the MLG rules, and I hoted game battles. Plus on call of duty I'm ranked in the 100,000 in Search and to 700,000 in team death match. I quit for a while thats why I't got worse but It use to be 50,000 S&D and 100,000's TDM. Just message me on xbox at: BLG Attila also message me on here in a private message, because I'll love to help and find out more.
  3. KSI Monsterz

    Education Thread/ Category

    haha yeah, I didn't realize that till now. I was actually going to remove this post but I may leave it up in-case someone had confusion like me so they can just see the reply and get the url.
  4. KSI Monsterz

    Mood application plugin

    I don't know If you know this. But there is an application plugin for the IPB forums which allows members to choose a face that represents their mood. It will appear on their profile as well as if you hove over their name in the Shoutbox. for example: (so and so is feeling shy *insert shy face above text*) I do believe this application has a fee of $2-$5 a month or something like that. I don't remember honestly what the fee was, but you should look it up. Also you may be able to find a free version if you look hard enough. If you have need more information, post your questions in a reply and I'll get back to them.
  5. I think an education thread/ Category will help so much for those who need help answering a question for school, or just for a common knowledge reason. This will bring people closer, educate them, and also help them in the long run with school. Then parents and teachers wont bother us KSI members, so we have more time with the KSI family. Also it will be fun for those who like a good challenge. <3 It'll work by if someone will have a question with a specific problem, they will go under the new thread. Go under the post which implies the subject in which they need assistance with, then write the problem down specifically, and write down the questions that need to be answered. Listing: English (this implies anything that has to do with writing such as journalism, creative writing, ect.) Ligature (any questions about books) Mathematics (this implies pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, ect) Geography (this implies classes like 20th century, government, ect) History (just anything history based) Computer classes ( this implies digital art, programming, computer applications, ect) Art (any art related questions about paintings, artists, techniques, ect) If you can think of anymore then those are applied to! Please think about this category for the forums.
  6. KSI Monsterz

    Civilization V

    I'm always willing to play CIV 5 ^-^ Private message me anytime to play and then we can exchange skype and steam.
  7. KSI Monsterz

    New Member

    Well feel free to add me, and message me when ever you want!
  8. KSI Monsterz

    What song are you listening to?

    Endgame By: Ingested
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    New Member

    What is up members or the KSI family! I am currently BLG Attila (which I'm looking to change right now! But I need some cool new KSI Gamer tag suggestions) I was in many Different gaming communities such as: LoD, BLG, EGM, WFG, and more. Community History: My first clan was BLG. Which was a clan the branched off from TMG. The makers were BLG Raze, and BLG Bumblebee. In BLG I was a General (at the time 400+ members strong). In LoD I was a Lieutenant, but then the clan was shut down. I then re-started BLG becoming the owner of a 200+ member gaming community. What I'm looking forward to in KSI: In KSI I'm looking forward to meeting all new players, and getting my game on. I want to be apart for the Web design team, since I have experience. Also I want to get into Graphic design too. I plan on joining a lot of teams/ projects and look forward to maybe creating new ones and expanding the options for KSI. Just about me: I make Youtube videos for PC games. I have a huge following on Twitch but I need to get more known on the Youtubes. I know how to code from HTML to Javascript, to C++, and then to python. I love to make banners, profile pictures, and Signatures, so don't hesitate to ask. I am a Death Metal vocalist, in a band called Odysseus. We've played with Dr Acula, and I declare war. my favorite color is Blue. My favorite band is System of a Down, and favorite musician is Marilyn Manson. If you have more questions just leave a reply and I'll respond.