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  1. AssaultProdigy

    I'M BACK

    Lol don't come crying to me when you need close air support down range.
  2. AssaultProdigy

    I'M BACK

    After 2 months of BMT and 4 Months of Tech school, I'm back.......and i'm a member of the Air Force so that cool
  3. AssaultProdigy

    2014 Fantasy Football

    I want in
  4. AssaultProdigy

    NFL Preseason

    I'm down
  5. AssaultProdigy

    New Here

    You a Guilty Crow fan, cool. And thanks for the welcome.
  6. AssaultProdigy

    New Here

    Thank you for the welcome
  7. AssaultProdigy

    New Here

    Thank you
  8. AssaultProdigy

    NFL Preseason

    That Oline isn't any better then it was Last season. Again Unless Tom has a bad season I don't see then Fins making the Playoffs.
  9. AssaultProdigy

    NFL Preseason

    And now we are emeines.
  10. AssaultProdigy

    New Here

    Hello all, I'm AssaultProdigy, a Sony guy since the PS1. I'm a guy that plays love all types of games, from FPS to MMORPG, I play them all. I'm a big PVP guy, I played BF3 and Call of Duty professionally for a time. I'm a teamwork and stratagy heavy guy. I like to plan things out before I start playing anything seriously. This isn't my first clan, I've been in and lead a number of console and PC clans from runscape and BF2 on the PC to games like BFBC2, BF4 Call of Duty Morden Warfare, MW2, Black Ops and World at War. I like to lead and that up leadership roles. I also just like talking to and meeting new people. I like recruiting and I'm pretty good at it. On a personal side I'm in the U.S. Air Force. I leave for Boot Camp in a month. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida and I'm a Huge Jaguars fan (don't laugh). I love to talk football and baseball as well, I'm a Marlins fan (again don't laugh). I look forward to gaming with everyone on the PS4.
  11. AssaultProdigy

    NFL Preseason

    Miami is going to need Tom Brady to have a down season to have a shot at the playoffs.
  12. AssaultProdigy

    NFL Preseason

    So what Preseason games is everyone watching. I'm a Jags fan (don't laugh) so I got to watch that game yesterday.