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  1. SubtleDiscord

    I'm Back! and it feels so good.

    Thanks errybody
  2. SubtleDiscord


    All hail best pony!
  3. SubtleDiscord

    LGBT discussion.

    I would like this to be bumped and active again I'm a Pansexual and I'd like to be both male and female at the same time so call me what ever you like but can someone please explain to me why Hybrid was banned?
  4. SubtleDiscord


    Post Pet Pics :D
  5. SubtleDiscord

    if you could do anything what would it be?

    Probably get a boyfriend and marry him after 3 years
  6. Never get cricket I just got a cricket phone and a minute card from walmart but when I tried to use the card they said they don't accept them anymore but are still selling them :P on the plus side I got a galaxy discover for $10 brand new

  7. SubtleDiscord

    I'm Back! and it feels so good.

    Hello all I'm back from my two year absence. And it's good to know we got rid of most of the rudiepoos who p***** me off enough to leave in the first place. So this time should be better Looking forward to meeting and befriending most/all of you.