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    Best Game of All Time

    Halo 2
  3. Robluntski is love, Robluntski is life

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    Idea's to boost forum activity

    Yea, I had a feeling some divisions and/or squads do this. But I want to try and push it to where every squad and div does it, and then hopefully it'll spread to individuals doing it as well.
  5. Hey guys, so I, along with countless others, have noticed the lack of activity on the forums/website. It is very disappointing to see 3 people online in the middle of the day when we have over 2000 members in clan ops. Although I may not have a rock solid idea to produce more activity, perhaps the small ideas I do have can spark someone else with an idea if we continue to discuss this topic. I think, maybe we could add to the ranking structure, that one cannot surpass a certain rank without being signed up on the website. And that being active on the website could be one of the deciding factors in a promotion or not. I know this is kind of an unwritten rule you could say when becoming an officer and whatnot, but nonetheless, I feel it needs to be fully addressed. We could do Private, but I think Sergeant or Staff Sergeant being a rank that you can not surpass unless signed up and active on the site would be do-able. Now, I am fully aware that some people are unable to access the website, not everyone has computers or the luxury to go on those computers whenever they so choose. When situations like that come up, they would need to simply just speak with an officer who can tell the Gen or MAJ, or go to them directly. I also feel like it should be mandatory for everyone in KSI to have the website in their bio on the gaming system you play on. It is a good way for someone who is interested in joining, to be able to view your profile if they're thinking about contacting you about joining, and being able to look at the website and see what we're all about. KSIglobal.com represents us as a community, and we should not only be active on it, but be proud enough to promote it. Placing it in your bio is also a more private way to promote it, because you are not shoving it into random peoples faces. I feel like mentioning the site every now again at activities and game nights should not just be a noneshalont, oh yea the website. But it should be mandatory to mention it at least once a week. Same goes for the squad tags, I feel they should be mentioning the site in a message atleast once a week. Also have the squad tag have the site in their bio as well. Tell me your thoughts please! If there is anything I have missed or have said something that is already a 'thing', please let me know. I hope to hear from others on what they think, and hope we can elaborate on these ideas as well as others ideas. We neeeeed more site activity! ~ Aftershock
  6. KSI Aftershock5

    Prophecy VI Weekly Schedules

    I can host on Thursday, but if anyone else wants to, message me and I'll let you.
  7. KSI Aftershock5

    Prophecy VI Weekly Schedules

    KSI Fuffalo 7 * ;P
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    War Thunder

    I have War Thunder on my PC. It's pretty good!
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    anybody in prophecy vi

    Recruit people.
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    FRANCHISES: Halo vs. CoD

    Although I do prefer Halo, I think both are pretty good.