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  1. Saturn

    Which is better?

    Quadcore's are solid buddy, that will be a solid processor. Could you list your full build for me?
  2. Saturn

    F*** whoever made alcohol legal

    Feel free to blame Congress in the early 30's for that one.
  3. Saturn

    Hey there!

  4. Saturn

    Me new poem :>

    Very unique, I love the flow
  5. Hey, currently looking for a 360, Xbone, or PS4 squad. If you're looking for recruits, please PM me :)

    1. rave_night_7


      PS4 is running ghosts and destiny squad, if your interested.

  6. Saturn

    i need a sqaud

    Also currently squad-less. I was originally placed with UrbanMonkey, but he just recently left. As a result, I have been displaced. XD
  7. Saturn

    How can you better the world?

    BSA Represent! I am also a boy scout and take the oath and law seriously. But I want to break away from being a part of an organization to better the world. If you are not a part of an organization and feel you cannot help because you're alone, don't fret. You can do so much to help this world. Volunteer at a food pantry, assist the elderly, heck mow your neighbors lawns! Doing small little things can help brighten somebodies day tremendously, and that is making a difference. I personally wish to change the world in a different approach to changing the world. I wish to instill values and ideas in young people's minds so that they themselves can go out and better the world. I wish to educate people on how making a difference does matter and to learn from the past to help the present. I wish to teach. That's my two-cents on the matter!
  8. Saturn

    Which is better?

    Intel is hands down better than AMD, but the kicker is coin. AMD's are less expensive than Intels, and therefore are weaker. Both are good (Depending on which you purchase), but make sure you buy one that is not only good, but fits your price range.
  9. Saturn

    Just bought my xbox one

    It's a pretty solid console dude! I'm more of a PS4 guy myself, but if you want to play Titanfall sometime, hit me up!
  10. Saturn


    Would if I played on 360, but if anyone plays it on the PS4, hit me up!
  11. Saturn

    Hello All

    Hello everyone, I am Saturn, or Andy if you prefer. I play a lot of Destiny currently on the PS4 if anyone wants to join me there I play mostly console based (360, One, PS4, etc) and a little PC. I enjoy Halo, CoD every now and again, Mass Effect, TES, Assassin's Creed, and many other games. if you're interested in playing something, feel free to message me on here, or on Live/PSN and we can start gaming!
  12. Saturn

    Hello All

    We can be noobs together! And hello Game!
  13. Saturn

    Hello All

    Pleasure to be here!
  14. Saturn


    Howdy, I play mostly Bot lane Supp or ADC, but I've been out of League for a while now. I'd be glad to hit you up and play with ya sometime? Summoner name is DxN Saturn