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  1. The New Twitch Team

    I'm KSI Chaoticz 7, the Scotsman... get your damn name right ET
  2. KSI In Real Life

    the first successful Destiny split in KSI... (On the Xbox One Platform yes... technically the honour of first belongs to KB) but it was good never the less
  3. The History of the Scottish-Scrub-Alien-Chaoticz

    Ah now I remember... umm.. nah nothing sorry
  4. The History of the Scottish-Scrub-Alien-Chaoticz

    Who are you again?
  5. AAP Award Suggestions

    Listen to what she said \/ she smert. also as Co Head of AAP - The KSI Outstanding Service awards were established as a method of reward so that the current senior leadership staff could award its most loyal and hardworking members for the work and effort that they have put in to KSI, The reason previous administrations are no longer classified as reason for awarding said awards is quite simple when you think about it... they aren't here to contribute to said award recommendations... why because they couldn't either be loyal, follow the rules or act like a member of KSI is expected of them.. otherwise they retired for the better... no offence former comrades, Like Rank we don't give it to you unless you earn it. And the said award like my smert friend here said would only be allocated or nominated by a senior leader a full list of said current senior leaders is available in the probably outdated 'KSI tab' at the top of your screen on your control bar. And its unlikely this will ever change mainly because that's the premise of the award and the reason of its creation.
  6. KSI GAME 7

    that kind of sums him up "made you look", you only think he has achieved stuff, But really all its all in fact a lie, In fact he's a drunk I know big shocker, But not just any drunk... ohhh no he is our KSI Meg *Billy Joel Drunk* 7 and don't you forget it scrubs, we only need one so don't bother trying to get on this sack of choco c**ks level
  7. Choosing A Squad Name

    Meh - Though a good analogy, it doesn't fully fit the article, I recommend a article title change. Because the assumption is that all leaders Squad and above would think in that same way / mentality, e.g the god/empire theme brought up is common enough tag that's been used over the years for both squads and members, But not every division will follow that. a nice personal perspective though "we developed democracy and with that removed monarchs and suppression of dictators" not exactly accurate. "KSI truly is, Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. KSI is built upon the meanings of those words." no it really wasn't... But in many ways it could be assumed as much.
  8. SR Role Call

    KSI Bulltrue 7 Rank: Co Founder Squads: Corrupt, Delta, Rapture WebOps: Internal Affairs, AAP, Judges
  9. Do you watch the news? How often?

    i create news its easier
  10. Chaoticz Poem

    if you want to start writing poetry, start off with the basics the ability to rhyme helps
  11. Destiny VS Battlefield 1 VS TitanFall2

    ive earned it Alien Potato scrub
  12. Destiny VS Battlefield 1 VS TitanFall2

    Battlefield 1 is by far the best of the 3 titles, but saying which you cant compare them in any way they are all totally different games/franchises. Battlefield1 is a masterpiece it has its bugs.. But they actually get sorted unlike other franchise titles, The more competitive members of the battlefield community are not as pleased, But even DICE has said they aren't targeting a direct competitive audience with this title its a cooperative game to play strategically with a squad and team giving a closest possible depiction of at the time 'the war to end all wars' and the have captured that aspect magnificently, Saying which they have been outstanding towards the Battlefield community thus far addressing a majority of the issues that the players are seeing/experiencing, This also includes doing what they can to improve the more competitive aspect for those competitive members of the community. In regards to critics talking about Map Size or Server sizes I say the following go back to your remedial lives away from any Battlefield simulators lol jk, But it is true in no other franchise on console do you get this level of detail to as many players at any one time (with exception to maybe ARMA on PC it hold the title their as well), 64 players was an outstanding idea by DICE and the BF Community. Yes sure to the most of the readers you guys know I'm a huge advocate of DICE and the Battlefield Franchise, My involvement and relationship with the community has only benefitted me over the years being a part of the CTEs of BF4/1, I've seen the dedication Dice put in to their titles. I have played ever Battlefield Title since they first released Battlefield 1942 in 2002 even as a 7 year old going on 8 I've never been happier with a franchise. Destiny it wasn't to bad at first But after a certain point it got very disappointing in regards to activity's and it got seriously repetitive, Bungie coming out of the Halo universe it was always expected to be a bit of a flop.. But it was actually very fun and I hope Destiny 2 is better.. Saying which they have a lot to do because a lot of what the promised was either removed or not implemented, One being the season pass that annoyed a lot of its members and of course the cost of the expansions which was ridicules. Titanfall 2 lets just say as expected its a flop in my opinion.. that's all I'm going to say the critics, the players and even some of the dev's at EA are disappointed by it, Saying that its not even remotely as bad as disappointing as the first game.
  13. Chaoticz Poem

    Stick to the day job.. take it from a Welshmen
  14. Anatomy's History

    KSI Cyclonic Dr* chum
  15. Give me some PC looovveee!