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  1. The New Twitch Team

    I'm KSI Chaoticz 7, the Scotsman... get your damn name right ET
  2. KSI In Real Life

    the first successful Destiny split in KSI... (On the Xbox One Platform yes... technically the honour of first belongs to KB) but it was good never the less
  3. Choosing A Squad Name

    Meh - Though a good analogy, it doesn't fully fit the article, I recommend a article title change. Because the assumption is that all leaders Squad and above would think in that same way / mentality, e.g the god/empire theme brought up is common enough tag that's been used over the years for both squads and members, But not every division will follow that. a nice personal perspective though "we developed democracy and with that removed monarchs and suppression of dictators" not exactly accurate. "KSI truly is, Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. KSI is built upon the meanings of those words." no it really wasn't... But in many ways it could be assumed as much.
  4. Admin Request Box.

  5. Admin Request Box.

    Remove me (KSI Bulltrue 7) From T&E Department Add KSI BiiG PAPA 7 to T&E Department (I guess give him mod over that section too)
  6. Admin Request Box.

    Please add KSI Stoner67 and KSI HysteriaX 7 to Tournaments and Events http://forums.ksiglobal.com/user/49984-ksi-stoner67/ http://forums.ksiglobal.com/user/50189-ksi-hysterx/
  7. KSI Stuff

  8. PC div?

    What Game says is a must in order to have a PC Division, Personally I'd love the opertunity to run a PC Division, Creating a link to our routes, But through my role in KB and my Military Career, I don't have the time to dedicate to it, As for current PC set ups, currently we do still have areas where we are set up as groups, E.g. Steam
  9. PC div?

    Though Crow is Correct in his enalagy to a PC based structure and naming system, most clan or community based games have a pre created Clan system and ranking, E.g. Games/MMOs like Battlefield War Thunder Etc. That allows a simple to use system, as for KSI rank structure can still be used Thx to our member new management systems requiring Website Membership, so it can still be enforced and edited for differant platform use.
  10. Not looking to join i need to know something

    Never correct a Brit, my good chum, It will always end swiftly and correctly
  11. Not looking to join i need to know something

    look who is trying to get a grammar nazi award lol
  12. My Home life

    a few photos of my Welsh Springier Spaniel
  13. Groups

    i agree on the color differentiation for the AAP and a Updated list of Groups
  14. Xmas 2014 early gifts

  15. War Thunder Screen Shots

    Some Gameplay from War Thunder PC Edition