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    Theirs not to make reply,
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  1. KSI Bulltrue 7


  2. KSI Bulltrue 7

    The New Twitch Team

    I'm KSI Chaoticz 7, the Scotsman... get your damn name right ET
  3. KSI Bulltrue 7

    KSI In Real Life

    the first successful Destiny split in KSI... (On the Xbox One Platform yes... technically the honour of first belongs to KB) but it was good never the less
  4. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Choosing A Squad Name

    Meh - Though a good analogy, it doesn't fully fit the article, I recommend a article title change. Because the assumption is that all leaders Squad and above would think in that same way / mentality, e.g the god/empire theme brought up is common enough tag that's been used over the years for both squads and members, But not every division will follow that. a nice personal perspective though "we developed democracy and with that removed monarchs and suppression of dictators" not exactly accurate. "KSI truly is, Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. KSI is built upon the meanings of those words." no it really wasn't... But in many ways it could be assumed as much.
  5. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Do you watch the news? How often?

    i create news its easier
  6. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Chaoticz Poem

    if you want to start writing poetry, start off with the basics the ability to rhyme helps
  7. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Chaoticz Poem

    Stick to the day job.. take it from a Welshmen
  8. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Give me some PC looovveee!

  9. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Congratulations KSI

    and the fluff you lazy scrubs you know who you are.....
  10. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    feel free to submit you complaints to the webmaster
  11. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    we would love to sort the econamy bugs and add some new things, But our Meg a Root need to establish and complete the update first if you are interested in testing the economy we have planned feel free to sign up on the Economy test site. http://test.ksicms.com/economy/index.php
  12. ​This form must be filled in fully (Requirement) ​-------------------------------------------------------------- Gamertag: (Requirement) ​Link to Forums Account:(Requirement) ​Awards/Achievements:(Requirement) Witnesses or Proof: (Requirement) ​(If for any reason you are finding difficulty posting evidence/proof please contact one of our AAP representatives marked with a Gold member group Tag) ​ ​--------------------------------------------------------------- ​See Full list of Awards and Achievements Requirements in Topic.
  13. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Hello everyone.

    Hey Chevy
  14. KSI Bulltrue 7

    Star Trek Online

    yes well worth the time to reaching the highest rank
  15. KSI Bulltrue 7

    What other groups can I be in?

    Saying all that Meg (aka Game) set a Cap at 4 Departmental Groups Groups like e.g Retired Leaders Moderators (MiTs/Mods/Global Mods) Web Ops Staff KSI Leaders Admins Web Master and the Premium VIP group.. (There are other groups that were created as jokes, but they are closed if not non-existent anymore) These groups don't count towards the 4 Max because they are Titles/Web Ops Ranks, The basically designate your access level. The Departmental Groups are the only ones that apply to this... I know I was in just about everything lol It also a matter of being fair to others that the main reason behind the Max of 4