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  1. Hey Anatomy, remember me? :p

    Hit me up on xbox live so we can catch up some time.

  2. KSI Fuffalo 7

    The return of KSI SIN 7

    I came by to say hi to you guys, but then I saw this. If anybody wants the real story of this guy, I have the entire thing. It's more than enough to give it some thought before bringing him in.
  3. KSI Fuffalo 7

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    L from Deathnote
  4. Here it is ya lazy poops 1-Somebody is poaching 4-I need to talk to you it's important 6-I have a recruit for you 9-Invite to party
  5. KSI Fuffalo 7

    What Game?

    destiny is an ok option if you want to have people from ksi to play with.
  6. KSI Fuffalo 7

    Updating the Website

    Also a social media is either non-existant or hard to find ie: twitter/facebook.
  7. KSI Fuffalo 7

    Updating the Website

    For starters we could ditch the start up divisions forum and just give those divisions their own individual forums. Start up divisions sounds like we are not confident new divisions will succeed. Also keep the division section area updated. For instance one of the start up divisions is one of the if not the most active division on global. Why shouldn't they have a forum.
  8. KSI Fuffalo 7

    Diablo 2

    diablo 2 is the bomb digitee, it is on my olllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld computer though.
  9. KSI Fuffalo 7

    Destiny Raid Groups

    Hit me up, I will play, plus KSI Assault VI is full of destiny players I can introduce you to
  10. KSI Fuffalo 7

    _Phrophecy is Trust, is Brotherhood_(COMMENT)

    VI to me has been "home"
  11. KSI Fuffalo 7

    cod aw or 2k15?

    I play both of those games.
  12. their are plenty of cod players in prophecy, and also, now that you are both officers, if you are concerned enough to make inappropriate posts degrading your squad why don't try RECRUITING.
  13. KSI Fuffalo 7

    anybody in prophecy vi

    their are plenty of cod players in prophecy...you met them today
  14. KSI Fuffalo 7

    whose in prophecy vi

    well, I am the co-founder. You would probably get a better response in the xbox one forum or our divisions thread "Violent Intent Chat Box"