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    How Much Anime Have You Watched?

    4y 38d 6hr 22m
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    Just signed up on the website :)

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy. If you need a friend or someone new to talk to I am always available. Hit me up sometime
  3. MrGRiiNCH

    There's no end to a Paradox

    This should not be in the introductions thread.
  4. MrGRiiNCH

    Thinking About Coming Back...

    Ya sorry...just a lot on my plate about coming back....didn't mean to spam, sorry.
  5. MrGRiiNCH

    Thinking About Coming Back...

    If this will also be a good spot in the recruitment thread or Welcome Back thread then by all means moderators do what you got to do.
  6. MrGRiiNCH

    Thinking About Coming Back...

    Were you there back during those days or not? Your name sound vaguely familiar but since its been almost forever I can't recall lol.
  7. MrGRiiNCH

    Thinking About Coming Back...

    I don't know where I want to start out again cuz I really don't like dealing with division drama and what not. I would love to help out the divisions that need work if you see that as a fit for me after reading all this. I would love to talk to someone about where my abilities will be helpful and all that. I am not wanting to have to start all over and I am not using my old titles as a automatic higher-up position. So if ya'll feel like this post would be helpful in another forum section then please do as you will Coming back to KSI is going to mean me sitting down with a couple of the Division leaders and all that to see whats going on and what I can do to assist them to my fullest. And thanks for the welcome back guys Glad to rejoin.
  8. MrGRiiNCH

    Thinking About Coming Back...

    So, back in the early 2000s and I mean like 2003-2005 I was a member. I was apart of the whole XC transfers, new squads being formed, and being in the middle of it all sucked. Luckily during that time I had shown that I was eager to help out during the whole Xiled Calvary situation. This was the time when XC was the only Xiled division in KSI at the time. So I had started talking to the Founders and Co-Founders in Halo 3 private lobbies or in party chat seeing what had happened. Then a couple months goes by and I was sitting in a meeting as a Co-Founder of one of the XC squads. This meeting had happened a week after my promotion to Co-Founder. My promotion was done my KSI Rex 7. I don't know if there are many of you around who are still around and remember him, anyways after about a month or two sitting as a Co-Founder and all, Rex 7 decided to start up the Dirty Squad which contained him as the founder and I worked as the "marketing" personnel of the Dirty Squad. There really wasn't any marketing in reality but it was mostly my job to help bring recruits into the new Xiled Divisions and all that. This squad got formed when the forming of XA/XC(these are the ones that I can remember right now) were trying to get squads and all that formed up and the whole nine. There were new divisions in Xiled being formed and me, Rex, and a few others were looking over the whole situation. During all that I had to deal with the usual captains, co-founders, and founders, not doing their job. Hearing all the BS that was going down was the real reason that I had left. The co-founders and founders were not being able to handle all the new stuff happening within the Xiled division and left it up to me to figure it out. I was basically having to hold meetings almost 3 times a week and just couldn't handle the fact that Rex(the founder of the Dirty squad) was busy during those days cuz I was getting overwhelmed with messages on my personal gamertag and the squads gamertag. I gave it another four months and all the drama came down hard. Xiled was losing founders and co-founders left-and-right to go help out in other divisions, and I was stuck with having to train the next in line 4 times a week almost. Rex was able to come help out at times but his personal life was more of a priority and I was fine by that. I said that I was going to take a year off and never came back. Gamertags I went by in KSI: KSI DrtyTrgga 7, KSI TriggaHappy Whom I like to thank during that year: KSI Rex 7(aka KSI Dirty 7) If you were there during these occurrences then please respond. I would love to get back into things and see if anything has changed. If so then I wouldn't mind staying on board for a little while again. I loved the community, but there just was to much going on personally and community wise that made the drama build up for me. Thanks, Matt aka MrGRiiNCH