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  1. @TheWorkableboss No problem

  2. Sinon

    SAO Kirito GGO now a member of Caliber

    Welcome back! Wish you had an X1
  3. Sinon

    KSI Halo Pro Team

    Heyy everyone! I am starting the KSI pro team. This team is open to anyone within KSI! If you are interested in join message me on Xbox at KSI Sinon or KSI Ms Icy Suns. We are currently looking for 3 more 1 for our 4th with 2 alternates! We will be competing in online tournaments, so please be serious! Current Roster 1. KSI Sinon / KSI Ms Icy Suns 2. KSI Reaper23 3. KSI MadKing 4. Alternates 1. 2.
  4. Sinon


  5. Sinon

    Updating the Website

    @Root Sounds good, I'm available any time, you can hit me up on Xbox at KSI Sinon, skype or kik: SinonLovesSniping or here
  6. Sinon

    Updating the Website

    I hope this is brought up to admins and admins take a good look at this and put action to this.
  7. Sinon

    Updating the Website

    I am currently working on social media stuff and getting things updated, if you have any ideas for that PM me, I am working on bettering and getting the Public Relations Department running again, the way it should be. but in any case, my bad, I asked a few people about what bump means, I always thought it meant to remove it, so my mistake, but either way if I was wrong or right, Game is right, no need to bump the post currently.
  8. Sinon

    Updating the Website

    Why would you bump this? Everything stated in that post is all true and it needs to be fixed, unless you can provide a link to a post similar to this then please put it in a comment.
  9. Hello, myself and many others believe that the admins need to be making sure the forums are updated. the forums are the back bone to each Department. without the website being updated people get confused as to whats going on in KSI, the website says one thing but people say another. Here are the following changes I propose we have happen: -Forum tabs be completely updated -Stream tab added for all streamers to have their channels put onto -Youtube tab that leads to an external page opened up in a new tab to the youtube channel - Human Resources and Public Relations should not be at the very bottom, they should be up near the top Theres more that needs to be improved upon but these changes here are what can get us started. We need something that either an individual wanting to join, and a company looking to sponsor us can look at and be like they are completely organized, everything look neat and clean. First Impressions mean everything and Presentation means better opportunities .
  10. Sinon

    Idea's to boost forum activity

    I agree that the website needs to have people that need to be active, I want to work on getting that going as well by talking with all the division leaders and co-division leaders about it. In order to get sponsorships/partnerships, we need to show that this community is active, not just through recruiting, we need physical evidence that shows we are active as a community. and the website is one of the biggest ways to show that.
  11. I would like to start a sniping team for KSI, all platforms, and games are welcome,More Specifics will come if approved
  12. I would like to start up the KSI Ladies. A protected forum section for only Ladies in KSI, Id like to have Girls Game Nights as well, and make friends with fellow female gamers. It would be great if we could get this started. I would like to call it either KSI Ladies or Ladies of KSi
  13. Sinon

    KSI going to Gamers for Giving 2015

    Thanks Im adding that into the post
  14. Hey guys, my brother Blank will be looking for people to join a short notice team to do a short notice tournament called Gamers for Giving, It is 21st-22nd of Febuary, yeah its 3 months away but you guys need time to get to know each other and get all the money you need, If you would like to try out for the team or have any questions, message me on kik at SinonLovesSniping or message me on here, or on xbox my gt is KSI Sinon. Try outs will be next month, dates will be announced within the next 2-3 weeks, Let your friends know Everyone can find out all you need to know here>>>>>>> http://gamersforgivi...rg/information/
  15. Sinon

    Gamers for Giving 2015

    Its http://gamersforgiving.org/ and they dont have PS4 at GFG