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  1. KSI Security X

    Internal Affairs Record Keeper Application

    @Crusader 7
  2. KSI Security X

    Internal Affairs Record Keeper Application

    1. Name- KSI Security X 2. Time in KSI- 1Year and Currently Serving the community as of 01/09/19 3. Examples of organization skills: Part of my time in the U.S Army Stationed at Fort Riley, I was responsible for the soldiers below me as a SPC. I was responsible for doing counseling statements, reviews on the joes below me, on top of keeping records for the LT that I was the driver for. I like to keep my paperwork and dates organized in labeled folders, I have 2 big calanders in my room dedicated to one for IRL activities and gaming activities with a marker and eraser. I’m pretty much on top of deadlines and paperwork I file and keep track of. Year, Month, and day is how I file. Furthermore, my Green To Blue Program from Army To Air Force Active Duty Commission there is a lot of paperwork and testing I’m responsible for keeping track of. Between doing my ROTC work and college work I have a lot to keep track of. My organization skills are quiet impressive, I’m good at digging up old or new materials as needed. Part of my training process was accountability and keeping organized. Even the smallest details or paperwork could be needed at anytime. Between the military, ROTC, and college, I am confident that the position required here will suit me well and the need of the community. This position has less to do about what rank you are and what roles you have currently. Yes it may help establish your dedication and work ethic, however being in Internal Affairs Department being trusted to be in charge of KSI Documentation and it’s memebrs is a huge responsibility. This role should go to someone upper chain knows all about. Upper chain knows everything about me, what I do, where I live, my goals and future. Being in Internal Affairs you have to be open to your IRL and goals for this community. (similar when going in for a State Or Fed Police Interview) I have proven and this community knows I’m here for the good. I have no other agendas. I’m here for the long hall. This Role would support everything I been standing and fighting for. Human Resource Manager for @FusionUprising on twitter. Responsible for providing monthly reports of its Twitter memebrs performance and behavior. Accountable for upholding sponsorship organization rules and regulations. Responsible for keeping track of discipline, removal, and suspension actions if the sponsorship org. U.S Army AD-(Green To Blue) Commission Associates Degree-Homeland Security Bachlors Degree- Criminal Justice(Pending) Prior Team Experience: Ex-KSI Head News Team Writer Ex-KSI Awards Team Member Ex-KSI T&E Co-Host Member 4. Why do you want this role- The reason I want this role is to serve this community and to continue to build a lost reputation. This role would give me the opportunity to build trust with the community. This role would give me the chance to build values with members in this community. A chance to make up for lost time over the past 4 years. This would be an excellent opportunity for me and for this community to build values with. My military values, and gaming community values have never changed. I have been honest to the full extend and certain individuals know my true nature and self in what I stand for. If I had one reference and a individual who would know me well it would KSI ElderPoot 7. He has known me since the beginning through the bad and good. This man probably knows a lot about my life and true nature more then anyone in this community has. This role would give me a chance to continue my education on a gaming community level. I’m confident this wouldn’t be an overload role. This position definitely requires integrity and someone trustworthy to keep hold of documentation. I don’t have anywhere else to go. This community is my home. Being IA is a very confidental position. I have stuck by this gaming Community since since day 1 in 2014. My commitment and drive to this position is 110% something I want. I have the skills necessary to run this position and values needed to run this job equally and fairly. This position is for someone who the upper chain knows all about. Being in Internal affairs you have to be open and honest about your real life and what you do and what you do for this community. I can say most of upper chain knows me inside and out in real life and this community. I am confident they would be happy and my performance to run this position. I have the tools and training to run this role and give 110% to this job. This would be an excellent opportunity for myself and this community. Gives me a chance as well to show my Squad General & Major how much of a valuable asset I am . Thank you sir/mam for the opportunity and hope to hear from you soon. I promise and swear to fulfill the duties and values of this position. I will protect, serve, and represent this gaming community IA position for the fair and equal balance of the community. I promise and do solum swear to keep the contents of this confidential to myself and appropriate chain of command members. Any questions comments, or concerns please feel free to DM.
  3. Your Name: KSI Military 7 Official KSI Rank at time of removal: CPT Name of Leader(s) that removed/banned you: Originally KSI BIGBT KC. Updating to KSI Kynigos 7 Head Court Judge Date of being removed/banned: December of 2016. Updated to a DNH Upheld in till 1 year has passed from prior case appeal. Reason for being Removed/Banned:Stolen Valor- Pending 1 Year Executive Staff Appeal (Attatchment located Below) Current status(squad or clan you are in): None . I stream and do competitions for R6 Go4/Fortnite for a Twitter Organization called @FusionUprising Witnesses wished to be called: KSI Kynigos 7-Head Court Judge Contact information (NO PHONE NUMBERS): Twitter: Fusion_Military Snapchat: Toysoldier19 End goal if your appeal is on your side: To Return to the community once I know my military/college/Streaming schedule for the new year. Detailed description of what happened: I wrote probably a book of what happened. (Please review attachment below and please review my Internal affairs file of the previous court case. I’m sure some young man or lady will make the court aware. Thank you https://share.icloud.com/photos/0umEP8j4IgInOzhIOeVQxlDcQ
  4. KSI Security X

    What song are you listening to?

    Fuc*ing Right by Kevin Gates
  5. KSI Security X

    What song are you listening to?

    Humble by Kendrick Lamar
  6. KSI Security X

    What song are you listening to?

    I'm all the way up- DJ Laser Jet
  7. KSI Security X

    Forum Activity Competition

    Yes participating. Hope it works out. Will let my Gen know about this. And DH is sending out messages 24/7 thanks to she wolf.
  8. KSI Security X

    Advanced Warfare Search&Destroy team needed

    Hey sup, I'm KSI Military 7. You can hit me up on AW anytime.I love search and am always looking to play with good players.
  9. KSI Security X

    Favorite Maps COD:AW

    Detroit,Bio Lab, Solar, Riot
  10. KSI Security X

    KSI Military 7s Handbook Transfering Policy Request

    I find it funny that the people that blacklisted me are here in this topic and trying to start something with me lol. Who next Queenjess? I will be the big man and walk away from this since this topic, certain people, and different communities are now doing/taking differently.This whole topic is a mess and im not being apart and standing here getting disrespected.Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time in this KSI. Goodnight