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  1. KSI Security X

    KSI as a community

    I think we have came far as a community extremely! I remember the Rogue days of KSI back then, and leadership who saw members as a number instead of as an individual human being looking to game, have fun, and possibly take part of leadership. The community has definitely been on an upward trend. The Retention rate is going well. The KSI now is amazing. The leadership is great, people feel comfortable with officers and leadership. I feel like the KSI now has came a long way for the better. People here actually care about the success of the members better now then we did before. Quality now and back then quantity was the deal. What we have now is incredible. I’m am confident and proud of the direction KSI is now moving in.
  2. KSI Security X

    Where my OG's at

    2014 Old School member right here brother. Was part of LB when @Anatomy <3 was running the division for call of duty. Those were the good ole glory days. He's retired now and mostly everyone from LB is either retired, resigned, or kicked out. I'm the only old school member from LB still hanging around who believes in the future of KSI here. KSI is going through some good changes right now. We will be bringing back that motivation and drive again for this family.
  3. KSI Security X

    Count to a MILLION!