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  1. KSI Security X

    July 2019 MoTM

    Let the record reflect on this date 17 August 2019 the decision and accounted for votes for July 2019 MoTM. All votes were verified and counted. AAP Announcement: Good Morning/Evening Members of the KSI Community! I am happy to announce that we have our final results accounted for the July 2019 MoTM. For Fallen Angels, the Member of the Month is KSI Kittycorn. Congratulations, Well Earned! For Atlantis Rising, the Member of the Month is @KSI POSEIDON 7Congratulations, Great Job! Member of the Month is one KSI’s greatest honors to award, and these members have strived to make KSI a better community! I am very happy to recognize these 2 outstanding members. Thank you to all who came out and voted! #LLKSI KSI Security X -Acting AAP Head
  2. KSI Security X

    July 2019 MoTM

    Nominations Open for July 2019 Member of the Month Good Morning/Evening Ladies and Gentlemen of KSI Gaming Community! We want to take the time to hear from YOU on who deserves to be recognized for the month of July! Who have you noticed that stands out around you? What have they done that left a positive impact on you or others? Who have you noticed that has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty for KSI? These are some example questions to be thinking about when nominating someone. Please take the time to really think about who and why this I individual should be nominated. *There will be one member selected from each division that nominates he/she. *Copy and paste the following format below in this topic, Thank you. Your Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: Nominee Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: Nominee Profile Link: Squad/Division/Rank of Member being Nominated: Please provide a detailed statement why you want this member to be considered for MoTM nomination: Rules to be followed for MoTM Topic: 1. The Nomination Format MUST be filled out completely! 2. You can NOT Nominate yourself for MoTM! 3. In the event that a tie-breaker occurs, the winner will be decided by a poll topic that is voted on by that division! 4. CoC applies here so please be respectful and please refrain from posting off-topic! ***Important Information*** 1. Nominations will close 16 August 2019 at Midnight 2. The MoTM for July 2019 will be announced on 17 August 2019 3. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please message me. KSI Security X -AAP Staff Good Luck and AAP wishes you the best to all Nominees!
  3. KSI Security X

    KSI as a community

    I think we have came far as a community extremely! I remember the Rogue days of KSI back then, and leadership who saw members as a number instead of as an individual human being looking to game, have fun, and possibly take part of leadership. The community has definitely been on an upward trend. The Retention rate is going well. The KSI now is amazing. The leadership is great, people feel comfortable with officers and leadership. I feel like the KSI now has came a long way for the better. People here actually care about the success of the members better now then we did before. Quality now and back then quantity was the deal. What we have now is incredible. I’m am confident and proud of the direction KSI is now moving in.
  4. KSI Security X

    What song are you listening to?

    Really good Rap Song.
  5. KSI Security X

    KSI Noble

    Welcome back to KSI! It's nice to see an old face member back here. Most of the old school members you used to play with or leadership either have been Retired, still here, blacklisted or DNH. The community has been on an upward trend. We have been growing on top of a lot of great changes happening and it the works currently. We are excited to have the addition of another old school member looking to give back to the community again. There is plenty of opportunity for you. Web Departments are being Re-vamped. Only Departments open as of now is AAP. Welcome back to KSI and happy gaming!
  6. KSI Security X

    What was the last election you voted in?

    President Donald J. Trump. I voted for him at the time cause he supported the military community and making America great again. Between and him and Hillary Clinton, it was clear vote I was going to vote for President Trump. There was not a chance in hell I was voting for crooked Hillary. She is the one who got our troops killed in Benghazi, and still did this day makes me sick to even drop her name. On top of her sneaky hidden servers of classified data, Leaks, and bleach biting her sever were all red flags in my eyes that she wasn’t capable of running the office let alone hold the integrity of it. President Trump I believe will do what is Needed for America’s needs and fixing the corrupt atmosphere we have been living in. I am confident he will and has been running America like a business. He’s been doing a great job in my professional opinion. Others will agree and disagree with this statement but I think we can all agree Hillary Clinton was not the person for the job.
  7. KSI Security X

    KSI McMatt 7

    Welcome back to the community brother! Nice to have a old school member around from its glory days. Not too many old school people around anymore. Most are either blacklisted, Retired from KSI, or are around still creeping around. A lot of change and overall has been going on since then. It’s nice to see another military companion as well. This community is always looking for hard workers, especially leaders with a leadership background. KSI Anatomy 7 unfortunately has retired due to reasons that will remain private between me and him. He was my Division leader and web ops leader during my glory days with him. He was an excellent leader who always placed others before himself just like we are obligated too. I promised myself, him, and others I would do everything in my power to bring back the glory days. We need more old school people with the drive and motivation to get the ball rolling again here within KSI. I’m not sure when you plan on coming back and what game you will be playing, but there is always a home here for hard workers in the past. Like people say, “No Good Deeds Go Unpunished or to waste” Welcome back again and hope to see you back with community soon! If you ever need anything or want to talk let me know! KSI Security X Redemption FA 3rd Lieutenant Game: Hybrid Rainbow Six Siege/Black Ops Discord: KSI Security X(R-3LT)#5479
  8. KSI Security X

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI Security X Squad/Division: Redemption FA Rank: 3rd Lieutenant (In Good Standing) Positions Requested: Division Rep or/and Game Rep for Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege Head Referee Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? Ex-KSI T&E Co-Host Member I was a previous member of T&E back in the glory days of KSI when Black Ops 2 & 3 was a thing still. I was in Atlas Squad in the Division LB when Anatomy was our division leader at the time. Our division was always constant hosting gaming events. I was the one always helping members out by doing prize events to help people with gamertag changes. Members enjoyed playing at my game nights cause I was fair and brought a good atmosphere environment to black ops. I really do miss the glory days and some days I don’t lol. I want to join this team for the same reasons why just like the other teams. I’ve always been a leader and been hands on with my members. I always place others first before myself. Taking care of the Member here and making them feel happy and comfortable isn’t just a job for me, it’s my life. Between the military, outside the service, and online gaming I’ve always been someone’s to stick up for others and provide awareness. I want to be part of T&E to bring back its glory days. Rainbow Six Siege is a game that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The recruitment and events opportunities I’m sure are skyrocketing on the data polls. I want to build a strong relationship with the leader within T&E and be able to help a member or members along the way. Customer Service and selfless service are important when running a position here. What can you bring to the T&E department? A positive gaming environment with excellent customer service. Allowing members to earn money for a gamertag change. And if the winner already has a gamertag change, I allow him/her to choose someone in the lobby who would be the winner of that prize. I’m all about bring *Fair and Equal Balance to wining tournaments and selecting a winner *Customer Service-making sure rules are followed and everyone is just having a good time *Gamertag Prize Changes *Looking to upping the ante on doing a a prize or DLC give away. (You can gift on Xbox now) I know what it takes already to run these positions effectively and efficiently. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain):  Yes. I’m a 3X XB1 Go4 Winner for North America. I’m familiar with ESL Tournaments and rules and regulations for Rainbow Six Siege. Like I said before, I’m a prior T&E Co-host Member when Black Ops 2&3 squads were around. I understand all the policies and regulations of what’s allowed and not allowed in ESL Match settings and game play. Capable of being a fair referee. Been playing Siege for 3 1/2 Years Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Professionally promoting positive good behavior and showing gratitude no matter how good or bad of a person you may be.  Define Team in your own words: A unity of players who constantly train, play, and work together to achieve a goal or task Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes sir/mam  Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) Yes Sir/Mam References: @KSI COPPERHEAD9 @KSI POSEIDON 7 @KSI Heroiism 7 @KSI x Falcons http://forums.ksiglobal.com/topic/108380-ksi-tournaments-and-events-official-handbook/
  9. KSI Security X

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    Designated Survivor. Season 3 Just Released a few days ago on Netflix!!!! I had no clue
  10. KSI Security X

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Rip. Hey sup man. How’s the fam?
  11. KSI Security X

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    I know my son
  12. KSI Security X

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    I read our FA Division Report, web operations is being worked on and reworked. That’s good enough for me to be honest and the rest of the web ops community is happy to hear. As long as it’s being worked on that’s all you can really do. We got the right people in the right places to make web ops great again.
  13. KSI Security X

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    You saying web ops never updated and assigned those primary/Secondary user-groups to who they are actually now? If that’s the case it would make sense.
  14. KSI Security X

    Social Media Usage

    Voted. I’d like to advertise this community as much as possible if I’m given the opportunity to do so.
  15. KSI Security X

    new member

    Added you accept it.