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  1. Blank

    History of Past and Present Leaders

    Sounds awesome! Yeah it would be nice to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame, a lot of people have put a lot of hard work into this.
  2. Blank

    Your Favorite College Basketball Team

    I'm a supporter of Kansas State University
  3. Blank

    Pro Tips

    Do you want to get better at Call Of Duty, or Halo? Well look no further. I will be doing classes on Master Chief Collection, Halo 4, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on tactics, tips, and team strategies. on every Friday and Saturday nights at 7/6 pm CST. Halo will be Friday Nights, CoD will be Saturday Nights. Want to sign up? Just send me a message on Xbox KSI Bl4nk. Let your fellow members know!
  4. Blank


    If anyone is a fan of music, enjoys exciting and sad movies, and supports the military, I would suggest you watch Lifted. It is one of the greatest movies I have ever watched in my life. It is so emotional.
  5. Blank

    Tea or Coffee?

    Tea over coffee anyday
  6. Blank

    Idea's to boost forum activity

    I agree, we need to get get forum activity up.
  7. Blank

    What song are you listening to?

    Home Again - Attack Attack
  8. Blank

    Master Chief Collection

    Hey guys I am finally getting MCC Tomorrow night, I will not be able to play with people till Wednesday. I will be pretty busy all night Tuesday. but feel free to shoot me a message @ KSI Bl4nk
  9. Post below if you want your poems turned into songs. I will post them up in a youtube channel after I get the songs done
  10. Blank

    Favorite movie

    Lifted is one of the most saddest movies I have ever seen in my life
  11. Blank

    The love of music

    Well said sis
  12. Sis you always got me you kknow that
  13. Blank

    Hey guys, Im Blank

    Hello everyone, I am Blank, I'm a former halo 4 pro and Halo 3/Reach semi-pro player. I love to play Chess, maybe we can get a chess group started. I also play CoD: Advanced Warfare, and Destiny (mostly on my sisters account lol). I play guitar and sing as well. Im a big music fan. I went to college at Musicians Institute 3 years ago and got my Certificates in Guitar Performance with an Emphasis in Guitar Craft, and Vocal Performance with an Emphasis in Independence Artist. I constantly am doing multiple things at once, for instance we could be playing halo and while I'm playing halo. I could be playing Chess on my computer listening to music and solving a rubix cube at the same time, Personally I think its annoying but my brain is always thinking, So pardon me if I really don't say much in a party because I don't like my braining thinking faster than my mouth can move lol. I Guess you can call me egocentric or whatever but I love to talk about myself sometimes, but I don't brag so that's a good thing lol. My goal in this community is to make it an even better community, I will be putting in applications in for a lot of web ops positions. and if you have any suggestions to help me out on my quest to get KSI up to date in the gaming community world then please feel free to help. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask me on here, or xbox. or you can email me at [email protected] You can feel free to add me on xbox my gamertag is Ranger Septimus, trust me I have a lot of room on my friends list. If that gamertag doesnt work then I changed it to KSI Bl4nk. Hope to hear from you guys soon -Blank