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  1. LoudCloud

    The return of KSI SIN 7

    TMG with myself
  2. LoudCloud

    anyone here listen to Kevin Gates

    H*ll yeah man, I got to see him live and his music hits harder than anyone I've ever heard. Certainly my favorite rapper
  3. LoudCloud

    anyone here listen to Kevin Gates

    Its a great Album, id say 97% of his music are bangers and go hard af
  4. LoudCloud

    Code of Conduct Error

    Anytime, thanks for the fix. Always looking to better the site of errors and etc.
  5. LoudCloud

    Code of Conduct Error

    11. KSI has a zero tolerance for any types of cheating, hacking, or modding. Failure to abide by this rule with result in immediate expulsion from KSI Global. Should be changed to Will.
  6. LoudCloud

    The start of a new year.

    Great article, Happy to say I was able to see KSI grow from 2006 till now and have a whole new year to make this family even bigger and better. You're all needed to make us what we are today, keep up the great work.
  7. LoudCloud

    A general returns

    Hhahah Mam… Sorry just lol
  8. LoudCloud


    Hahaha I know just giving a hard time. I am a Conservative and active member of the Tea Party
  9. LoudCloud


    What is a Republian?
  10. LoudCloud

    Sports Games

    Soccer is good as actual sport, game wise idk never really got into it. NBA games are on point and so dope!
  11. LoudCloud

    Sports Games

    Soccer or football… hmmm not the greatest poll. NCAA or Madden makes more since But NBA2K15 is where its at.
  12. LoudCloud

    Best team in college football?

    Alabama Crimson Tide
  13. LoudCloud

    Tea or Coffee?

    Coffee Tea
  14. Creator of Next Generation Div

  15. LoudCloud

    South Carolina WBK

    baseball haha who knows