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  1. Hideharo


    If anybody plays destiny or even plays any of the battlefields for playstation 3 or 4, please feel free to add me and play! I am looking for buddy's to play some strike with and multi player!!! EDIT: Sorry, didn't realize I had a thread already going about this. >.<
  2. Hideharo

    Best team in college football?

  3. Hideharo


    Hey Welcome! If you have a PS3 please add me! HideharoiIXX
  4. Hideharo

    Favorite movie

    The Wolf of Wall Street. Winning.
  5. Hideharo

    Meet HideharoiIXX

    Your personal account? Is this your PSN name? Or....? And what happened to your PS4 bro?
  6. Hideharo

    Best Game of All Time

  7. Hideharo

    Meet HideharoiIXX

    Right on my friend, It's nice to see a friendly face. I am going on the PS side, so I am glad to hear that. Battlefield more specifically...
  8. Hideharo

    What Are You Watching?

    Wilfred <3
  9. Hideharo

    Did you know?

    That's nasty, is that because the difference in the way it's made or structurized? I am interested.....
  10. Hideharo

    Did you know?

    Very simple.... Present a fact to the audience and share your thoughts! Did you know that a cat once predicted the deaths of 50 people at a nursing home by showing extreme affection right before they died? Mindblown..... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7129952/Cat-predicts-50-deaths-in-RI-nursing-home.html
  11. Hideharo

    Highlight of the British monarchy

    That's what we need more of, and action to of course, but that's awesome! It's like a New Years resolution in a way. Still, in conclusion I do respect her outline! Are there any other countries that become involved to with her foundation? Also, did you happen to catch what she said about building a strong connection with Northern Ireland to promote stability and reconcilliation? That would be an amazing feat. if she could accomplish this especially with the Iraq/Nuclear Program..
  12. Hideharo

    Highlight of the British monarchy

    It was well recieved message. I can appreciate the fact the Queen would be so kindly to tell her message of how she feels about not just the world, but us, the families and everybody overseas as well. She really nails it in my opinion when she speaks of the commonwealth of the world but also the importance of life she emphasizes so many times throughout the video.
  13. On a mission to lead.

  14. Hideharo

    Gone Girl

    How was the acting potrayed? Was the story line decent? You saw it in the movies??? Was it worth spending the money?
  15. Hideharo

    Meet HideharoiIXX

    Hey! I like the name, it's pretty cool! And how did you become Senior Global Member if you don't mind me asking? Do you love it here? How are the members? Pretty friendly?