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  1. KSI Subject

    Gone Girl

    5 Stars, Great
  2. KSI Subject

    Best team in college football?

  3. KSI Subject

    2015 Super Bowl

    Lionas... really?
  4. KSI Subject

    Wanna Play Xbox?

    If Anyone Would Like To Play GTA, Advanced Warfare, Halo 4, World Of Tanks, Or Minecraft. Add Or Message Me On Xbox: KSI Subject. Im Always On Exept From 6am To 3pm, Monday Through Friday. All Day Saturday and Sunday.
  5. KSI Subject

    A general returns

  6. KSI Subject

    Favorite movie

    Saving private ryan
  7. KSI Subject


    I watched it, it's good
  8. KSI Subject

    What Are You Watching?

    house of cards on netflix
  9. KSI Subject


    Idk. the rainbow
  10. KSI Subject

    I feel like we need a new topic

    We'll.....coke thene
  11. KSI Subject

    editing program

    Sony Vegas