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  1. Shadow Viking1

    Hall of Fame Error

    when it says " to the nth degree" it should be to the ninth degree or to the 9th degree
  2. Shadow Viking1

    What song are you listening to?

    The devil in i
  3. Shadow Viking1

    Zombie gear

    You don't need to do all 4 just hundred rounds on I believe the right map to unlock riot then you will get the rest after so many rounds
  4. Shadow Viking1

    Zombie gear

    Does anyone know how to get all of the zombie gear in advanced warfare?
  5. Shadow Viking1

    A general returns

    Yes I am aware of it. I only said what I said to get a few lols
  6. Shadow Viking1

    A general returns

    Yes ma'am that's me
  7. Shadow Viking1

    A general returns

    After leaving for personal problems I have returned and I am looking to join Xbox one division. few may know me but ask she wolf 7 if she remembers recruiting me from here a few months ago. If you know who I am let me know