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  1. I need ideas for something to do in my squad.

    1. rave_night_7


      for? fun? recruits?


  2. KSI Nova Suns

    What song are you listening to?

    The Walking Dead- Woe is me
  3. KSI Nova Suns

    destiny (raid ,vault of glass)

    If anyone is wanting help on raids hit me up on here, Im a level 32 hunter and im always willing to help someone out, just know that the lower your level the more ill have to carry you.
  4. KSI Nova Suns

    What song are you listening to?

    Im listening to an undiscovered artist right now, if you want to check him out look up Danejar on Facebook and/or sound cloud. He is really good and does take requests.
  5. The forums earned my activity on here <3

  6. All these nightmares about F.E.M.A. got me strapped up on my nina