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  1. KSI Cthulhu

    Calling all Destiny players!

    Post here if you have Xbox One Destiny. Maybe we can get people hooked up with each other, maybe help players that are struggling.
  2. I have Left the Community, however, I still with to be be active on the website. Im happy to help when needed.

  3. KSI Cthulhu

    Blacklisting non KSI memeber for Cheating?

    To my understanding(It was like this in my other communities), non KSI members can be blacklisted, but only if they are a large threat to KSI. I could be wrong too.
  4. KSI Cthulhu

    Last Post Wins!

    Alright, what is your thought for a date??
  5. KSI Cthulhu

    Last Post Wins!

    Its as the title says. Last post wins!!! Rules: - Only 1 consecutive post. - No playing dirty. Mods, im looking at you. - Rules may be added at a later time, so keep an eye out.
  6. KSI Cthulhu

    Town of Salem

    You can hmu. CthulhuGuy
  7. KSI Cthulhu

    Xbone Minecraft

    Lets start a topic for people who want to minecraft together. Post gamertags and find people to minecraft with. KSI Cthulhu
  8. KSI Cthulhu

    Moderator in Training Application Form

    1. PC/PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag: KSI Cthulhu 2. What division are you in if any? Legacy of Blood Oath 3. What squad are you in, if any? Bravta 4. How long have you been in KSI ACTIVE? Honestly, about about 1.5 months 5. How often are you usually on the forums? All the time. Its an easy way to contact me. 6. History of any punishments, (website warnings, suspensions, bans, DNH, Blacklist, etc): In KSI global, absolutely nothing. Other then that, only UD has a problem with me. 7. Define teamwork in your own words. The ability to work well and be able to tolerate people you are working with, even if you don't like them. 8. Why do you deserve this opportunity over others? I was a Moderator in DBD and a Sr.Mod in TRU. 9. What is the most important rule in the KSI code of conduct to you, and why? 11. KSI has a zero tolerance for any types of cheating, hacking, or modding. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate expulsion from KSI Global. If the modded gaming equipment is permitted by Microsoft or Sony to be utilized in-game it is allowed, unless said otherwise during a KSI event (This includes any and all KSI activities in KSI). Leaders reserve the right to determine whether or not it can be utilized in any event. It keeps a positive feel to KSI. It is important to keep the KSI name clean and hacker free. 10. What is your opinion on the concept of "Double Standards"? Holding people to different and unfair standards. 11. You understand it is highly likely you will have to deal with individuals at a certain point in time that you don't like but must be willing to work with? Absolutely I do. I've been able to do it for a while now. 12. You understand being on the moderation team doesn't make you a KSI god? I do understand this. The Moderators have limited, but still present authority. 13. What do you have to offer to the Web-Operations Team? About a year of Moderating experience. 14. You understand if we feel you are unfit for the position you can and will be removed at anytime. I do 15. You understand we expect you to be active daily? I do, and I usually am.
  9. To all KSI: I do have the Blacklist saved to my computer. Im willing to send it to anyone who asks.

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    2. Crusader 7

      Crusader 7

      newly dnhed? sicne when am i dnhed hahaha

    3. Crusader 7
    4. KSI Cthulhu

      KSI Cthulhu

      Totally got my websites mixed up. I was thinking the CMS one. Sorry!!

  10. Bravta is starting to look great. 3 new members today, and its only 2 in the afternoon!!

  11. New Gamertag: KSI Cthulhu

  12. KSI Cthulhu

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    If anyone wants to play some minecraft you can hit me up. I'll probably play with you.
  13. I know most of you wont care because of how new I am, but I am leaving KSI.

    1. Phantom LE
    2. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      Well hey, if you ever change your mind we are always here ;)

    3. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Here's my question, why are you leaving KSI to begin with... And if this is a game to get attention. You ought to look elsewhere.

  14. KSI Cthulhu

    Profile Songs

    I noticed that other websites with similar design have a song that you can play whenever someone views your profile. I think this would be a cool idea to implement here.
  15. KSI Cthulhu

    Calling All Steam Users

    CthulhuGuy. I have Don't Starve Together, TF2, and Rust for my multiplayer games.