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  1. Well, got a few rounds of #BlackOps2 in before having to get off. Sucks having to adult on a Saturday.

  2. Vaakoh

    What song are you listening to?

    Muse - Reapers
  3. On Vacation: 3/16 - 3/20 (Not likely to be active on the website or any messenger.)

    Heading out to TN and staying in a cabin in the mountains. Cell / Internet service is extremely limited out there. Will be back to business-as-usual come Monday, March 20th.

    Later peeps and peepettes.

    1. KSI LadyOnYou

      KSI LadyOnYou

      Try not to get eaten by incestuous cannibals.

  4. Tired as hell today. Coffee isn't doing its job, dammit. I'm alive and kicking, though. #RiseAndGrind

  5. Was incursion removed on PS4? @Battleborn Please say it ain't so.

  6. Been insanely busy lately. Perhaps one of these days I'll remember what it's like to have a social life. Not today, though. #GrindOn

  7. Going to play a bit of #Overwatch then maybe do some coding or just work for a bit.

  8. Vaakoh

    What song are you listening to?

    Been a big fan of these guys for ages and they just released a new one Demon Hunter - Died in My Sleep

    #HappyValentinesDay everyone. Whether you spend it with someone special or you're alone - live it up and have a good time. Cheers.

  10. RT @GamerCommunity: RT This for a Chance to Win #ForHonor Must RT And must be Following to Win.Winner Announced Feb 14th This Must Reac…


    #ForHonor is a huge disappointment. Very boring. Terrible combat system. Looks great, but plays like poo.

  12. Today has been.... rough. Going to hop off, play some #ForHonor, and pull my **** together. Later, peeps.

  13. Forum contest going on at @KSIGlobalMedia w/ $50 Amazon GC & 3-month #PSN / #XboxLive card up for grabs. Get on it.… https://t.co/S3QpC6lXJc

  14. Whelp - not really surprised, but #GhostReconWildlands is proving to be very, very boring. Pretty much #TheDivision with a Far Cry setting.

  15. Can't login to @UplayUbisoft to accept a #GhostReconWildlands beta invite. Typical.