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  1. Well, got a few rounds of #BlackOps2 in before having to get off. Sucks having to adult on a Saturday.

  2. Vaakoh

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    Who ever said that clans ops "moved to discord" ? That's not a thing. The chats are there, sure, but that wasn't intended to say "Hey, you don't have to do the forums anymore". And, yes, forums aren't a hotbed anymore, but this is a community site. These guys and gals work hard to make this an awesome place to hang out, get info, and connect. It's disrespectful to the web team, the admins, and everyone who puts effort into the site to just say well, it's old news - and move on to discord.
  3. Vaakoh

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    I do agree that forums are obviously not the hot method of communication anymore, but we need that activity. If a potential new recruit comes to the site and doesn't see much going on that could be damaging to getting new recruits. It would be a big turn-off to come somewhere where you're expecting communication and social activity and seeing a dull roar because everyone is chatting away on discord rather than the forum itself. If people want easy access on their phones via an app we may have to get tapatalk or something if we don't already have it.
  4. Vaakoh

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    Individual game servers don't make any sense to me, especially when there are individual division and squad chats already. Plus the general server where anyone can ask if people want to jump on a game and play.
  5. Vaakoh

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    inb4 no one replies to this topic even though they were hyper-active on the discord chat. Lol.
  6. I do agree that forum activity needs to be pushed more within squads and divisions. Obviously that would help a bit, but it doesn't solve the whole problem. There are multiple things to address... We have a low signup rate Activity in general is low (even those that do log in almost daily don't post enough) When there is a surge of new members there needs to be a community-wide effort to build on it by engaging with them and keeping them interested in coming back day after day to reply to posts and create new topics The good news is that we can find ways to fix these issues. But in order to make it happen, people actually have to commit to it and not just say "Oh, yeah, we definitely need to do that!" and then only follow through with it for a week before becoming inactive and contributing to the problem once again. Again - can't put this on the backs of a single group within the web ops staff or even on the web ops team as a whole. It has to be something that both web staff and general members contribute to in order to make real progress on the issues.
  7. Vaakoh

    What song are you listening to?

    Muse - Reapers
  8. Vaakoh

    What is your favourite animal?

    Wolves. Always been fascinated with them even when I was a kid. One of these days when I've got a home with enough land to justify it I WILL own a wolf or at the very least a wolf-dog hybrid.
  9. I feel like some of you guys just try to point the negative in EVERYTHING. The "hot topics" thing can obviously come at a later date if need be. I honestly don't think it'd be a terrible idea to start doing it now regardless. At the very least it helps contribute new activity to the forum just being posted. @Anatomy <3 - As far as the life goals thing... no one uses user blogs on ANY forum, really. I think forum threads would do well for it. Doesn't even need its own section or anything, people can just start their own topic up in the general chat section at first. If it gets big later down the road - sure, make it its own area - but its not necessary at first. The ego bait topics and daily/weekly motivation topics weren't meant to be for news either. You guys can't rely on the news team to do EVERYTHING for you. If someone can't dedicate once a week to making these types of posts outside of the news team - well, you probably shouldn't be on the web team, period. That's just lazy as hell. Don't put everything on a few people - this is stuff that EVERYONE within the web team (or even active forum members in general) can help with. Remember that people are working on web teams on a voluntary basis and have lives of their own. Don't make everything a "news team" task or a "mod or admin" task. If it's something as simple as making a new topic or adding a few new replies to existing topics - ANYONE can do it.
  10. This is technically in response to a question asked by @KSI Airborn 7 , but is a general suggestion list for improving forum activity. Going to preface this by saying that some of these may be a little unsavory, but effective nonetheless. Create clickbaity and/or controversial topics (i.e. political, this vs that, ___ is overrated, etc) For clickbait - refer to the title of this thread as an example. Impose daily posting requirements for web staff (i.e. all web staff must create 5+ posts/day, 1 new topic per day, etc) Ask lots of questions in posts/topics to encourage replies Get people to post about life goals / keep journals in threads about achieving said goals / everyone else reply to keep them accountable and on track Have leaders participate more (if the lower ranks don't see the big dogs posting, they can and WILL assume it's not necessary) Daily or weekly motivation or "thought of the week" topics to capture interest and get people to post opinions Weekly "hot topics" thread - basically just a round-up highlighting the most popular topics for the week to encourage people to revisit/reply to them A more clearly defined "like" or "thanks" button for posts. Kids are all about recognition. If they feel like they're not only getting replies, but racking up "likes" they'll keep posting. Ego bait topics. If a member does something cool/awesome whether its for the community or just related to gaming in general - make a topic announcing it. People love having their ego stroked no matter what it's for. And it'll generate replies. Tag them in the topics about them and tell them on XBL or Discord that you've made the topic. Featured clips / montages / etc - should be weekly, but if submissions are low, monthly. Announce to members that each week/month there will be a topic highlighting the best/coolest gaming clips or montages on the forums. Accept submissions. Depending on # of submissions, post about the #1 best, top 3, top 5, or top 10. Tag associated members, notify them via XBL / Discord, etc. Feel free to add suggestions and/or criticism to this list in the replies below. People that should read this - @Tech @Nex Addo @Game 7 @Anatomy <3 @R00t Da3m0n @Cali 7 @Chaoticz☣ @Kered @Mizz Airy etc.
  11. On Vacation: 3/16 - 3/20 (Not likely to be active on the website or any messenger.)

    Heading out to TN and staying in a cabin in the mountains. Cell / Internet service is extremely limited out there. Will be back to business-as-usual come Monday, March 20th.

    Later peeps and peepettes.

    1. KSI LadyOnYou

      KSI LadyOnYou

      Try not to get eaten by incestuous cannibals.

  12. Vaakoh

    Profile Header Editing

    Another low-priority thing... Not sure if this just isn't an active option yet or if the option just isn't displaying for whatever reason, but there should be the option to edit the header image on your member profile. It's not there for me atm.
  13. Vaakoh

    Social Buttons

    JT (or another admin if they have access to the actual file editor in ACP) should add the Facebook/Twitter links on those social buttons on the top/bottom of the forum. Probably not high on the priority list, but just pointing it out.
  14. Vaakoh

    Favourite Final Fantasy Game?

    FF7 will forever be my favorite. I like FF8 and FF10 a lot, too, though. Haven't really played the series much since 10. I played FFXIV (the MMO) a bit, but that's it. I need to get back into it. I loved me some Final Fantasy.
  15. Tired as hell today. Coffee isn't doing its job, dammit. I'm alive and kicking, though. #RiseAndGrind