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    Hockey, Paintball, Hunting,
    JROTC Commander/Staff- Officer Rank Cadet Colonel- O-6- Army, Drink Maker *Twitch Streamer*
    *Team Inspirational Creator*
    [Affiliated with KSI Since 2006]^.^ But for the most part I am a....
    computer architect
    computer designer
    computer jock
    key puncher
    systems analyst
    systems engineer..........If you put all these things in one small word and get it right.....Then it's preferably too late. God at it's finest. #Happyhunting
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  1. Holy sh...You are a freaking legend. lol 2007 very nice

  2. Axiology 7

    My Respect to Veterans

    Yes, Understandable.
  3. Axiology 7

    My Respect to Veterans

    I know sir. I know sir. I just won't have power tomorrow so I do apologize for the disrespect sir.
  4. Axiology 7

    My Respect to Veterans

    Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day to commemorate. I would like to show my respect to the moms and dads,sisters and brothers, daughters and sons as well as grandparents that has served and still continue to serve and fight for our country. It is an honor for me to even be typing this. You guys have saved countless lives while protecting not only the United States but the world as well from chaos and destruction. You did something I fear to do and that I am ashamed of. You took an oath. To protract and defend the United States at all cost. For that I say 'thank you for your service.' Not all veterans are proud of what they had to do in war. Some veterans were asked to do horrible things in war, so we don’t say thank you – we say 'thank you for your service.' Because regardless of whether a veteran is proud or angry about their service, they’re still willing to serve and I thank you for that. To those who have served and to those who are currently serving, words cannot express my gratitude.
  5. Axiology 7


    Right lol
  6. Axiology 7

    New to KSI! :)

    I play Destiny 2 and a few other games so hmu if you want to play.
  7. Axiology 7

    Thoughts on Trump

    Trump isn't really bad. But the world has more problem thing to worry about someone with a useless title.
  8. Axiology 7


    Being truthful is what I do
  9. Axiology 7


    I watch a little hentai. Not afraid to say it. There is people into worse thing then watching hentai. ^.^
  10. Axiology 7

    Favorite Type Of music

    I like dubstep
  11. Axiology 7

    Overwatch Comp

    I remember UGR
  12. Axiology 7

    Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul?

    SAO is the best!^.^
  13. Axiology 7

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    KSI Knox 7 Haydn/HF
  14. Axiology 7

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban Euphi for being inappropriate with her PSN ID -.-