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  1. KSI MiniMower

    Its Been a long time no see KSI

    welcome back twisted
  2. KSI MiniMower

    xbox one games your looking forward to

    f1 2015 !! vroom vroom can't wait for the first next gen f1 game fable 1 was amazing, fable 3 was terrible! they got worse every gear and the addon we're about 1 hour to complete
  3. KSI MiniMower

    Economy fixed.

    thank you for fixing the economy
  4. Hello I have purchased the Halo MCC from the shop as I wanted to add it to my signature. I have treid 3 times buying it (which it shows I have purchased) but I have no items in my shop items? Is economy not working for things you buy at the moment? It's been about a week since I purchased them thank you in advance
  5. KSI MiniMower

    looking for players on halo: the master chief collection.

    I've sent you a friend request and message RIPPER9000
  6. where have you been lately man? we miss you