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  1. KSI JiNs

    New Ideas

    Okay Thank you for your replies
  2. KSI JiNs

    New Ideas

    Hi Just had a thought and think it would be really great if the webpage got games such as pac man or snakes ect. it would increase forum activity and increase the time people are on the forums. not to metion increase enjoyment. you could even give a price away to the top high scorer of the week or month.
  3. KSI JiNs

    Any Forum teams need people?

    Im looking to get more involved in the forums and KSI are there any teams out there like the graphics team, marketing team and public affairs ect look for new/more people?
  4. KSI JiNs

    Clash of Clans

    i sent a request to join and it got rejected ???
  5. KSI JiNs

    Clash of Clans

    Hey is the clan still up?
  6. Log in once in a while Jins! :P