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  1. I'm a 3rd LT and i've never recruited anyone....i'm a ****ing failure......

    1. Cer7ified


      go out and get one!

  2. KSI RoflMaster

    So who saw Avengers 2?

    I haven't seen it yet but i'm watching it soon.
  3. My gamertag is the same as my username on here and i'm a SGT in Serenity CC. These are all the KSI peeps i'm friends with so far: I AM KING SiC KSI DeCePtloNx7 KSI Deported PootsOnNewts18 KSI Alfredo KSI BiGBT KC KSI Certifiedx7 KSI Christ 777 KSI G3Mau KSI Governor 7 KSI GUARD1AN KSI JiNs KSI Sh0ck KSI Spirefly KSI THUNDER VII KSI TypicGnome7 KSI Wolfan MXFREAK199 TheGreenRedMan KSI Hellenic
  4. KSI RoflMaster

    Best console of all time

    What about a top 3? 1: Xbox 360 2: PS2 3: N64
  5. Infection and snipers are obvious choices but if you guys have any opinions on this matter then feel free to share
  6. KSI RoflMaster

    I'm hosting a game night! (Click for more info)

    Nevermind Xbox Live is down
  7. Hey guys, RoflMaster here and i'm gonna be hosting a Halo customs game night on friday, may 1st, 3 PM pacific time, if you're interested send a message saying you'd like to be in it to the gamertag: "KSI RoflMaster" BUT! You must have the following things to be in the game night: A fully functioning Xbox One system. An Xbox Live Gold membership. Halo The Master Chief Collection. An internet speed of at least 5 down, please don't come into a lobby with dial-up or something that just ruins it for everyone. A mic is not required but using one is appreciated.
  8. Personally I would love to see ranking on Halo 2 Classic or Big Team Battle, but what do you guys think?
  9. Welcome to the site Rofl!! Glad you made it