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  1. KSI Wise Angel

    NFL team Favorite?

    Alaskan Penquins
  2. KSI Wise Angel

    What Are You Watching?

    My Little Pony: Friendship is magic Season 5
  3. KSI Wise Angel

    What is Whale getting for his birthday, May 26..

    You get a reach-around, you epic General.
  4. KSI Wise Angel

    Looking for mature gamers to play Destiny with

    I also will be taking care of a squad there too. My Gamer Tag is KSI Arc Angel 7 if you'd like to play. ..
  5. KSI Wise Angel

    Whats YOUR favorite?

    I like chocolate, but I don't eat too much of it.
  6. KSI Wise Angel


    Defeating a sandwhich, only makes it tastier. ~Virginia (dragon ball z pp)