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    Where's the motto at! Let's see how firestorm burns the competition!
  2. Pineapple pizza

    I love me some glazed pineapple slices with Canadian bacon on the most delicious of cheese sauce and dough!
  3. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Jhood I believe you have me all wrong. While I get frustrated and make I'm impulsive comments i am very much an adult. I do see where the negativity could be coming but what you don't seem to see is that currently you and star are the only source of the negativity... I am looking for perspective on how people would be more accepting of old school leaders returning. I mean we could strike oil like we did when you returned. Or we could fizzle out like when someone line Transam came back.
  4. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Are you actually going to say they that ****ing mile long mother ****ing stretch is against the ****ing code of conduct? Don't you think our chief administrator would've removed it instead of commenting on it? FFS
  5. Phoenix Rising squad

    Alright it should be in the works then. I would discuss this with the next person in your chain of command.
  6. Squad subforums

    Beautiful! I love that idea. Thus gives a division something to work for upon receiving their section as mini milestones before a split! Maybe squads have a prerequisite they have to meet before they get theirs and have to continuously meet said requisite to keep them?
  7. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Thank you Zeus. I actually argue against the idea that a large sum of old school members would return wanting what they had, I mean look at Helios and jhood, they came back and immediately went to work. It's all in how you treat them upon their return.
  8. HF General Chat

    Key words "used to"
  9. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    I'm ****ing done.
  10. Squad subforums

    Why not? It makes searching for your squads meeting notes easier, different information for your squad will be easier than scrolling through a mile of pinned topics. Discuss
  11. Apperal sponsor!

    It's not done yet..... tf you mean? If it's operational and you can order something from it I can assure you it's something to freaking spread. I'm not trying to come across as crass but Jesus does anyone think any more?
  12. Phoenix Rising squad

    While you are currently at 150 members that may not be the only requirement though as I'm just a lieutenant I am not privy to the knowledge of such prerequisites.
  13. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    That's your opinion and I respect it.