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  1. members online limited?

    negative. i understand the limit and such. Close this please
  2. members online limited?

    Thanks Miagi! at first i thought i was going crazy! i understand if its a data storage requisite keeping it limited, i just was looking to gauge the activity from my division and the peak hours to get the most motivation to reply to a topic and begin putting out prompting QOTD's thus sparking the brains of our great members.
  3. members online limited?

    im sorry that i sound so abrasive. i was more so stating that those in moderation staff/administrative might want to reread what i said. im sorry you dont like how i said it i will be more careful about how i say things. I am working really hard on being more presentable.
  4. members online limited?

    or you could re-read my post and look into it. the "Members" category at the bottom, the one that states who has signed into the forums.
  5. members online limited?

    thats what i thought but it must be unless we never get over 100 visitors a day....
  6. members online limited?

    is the members online section limited to 100 people? if so why? the reason i ask is im trying to keep track of the activity on the forums coming from my division. any intel is graciously accepted.
  7. Forums Competition on the Double!

    My oh my, we have had quite a few forums competitions going on! From Reality Dynasty having a big squad battle for the best forums activity, to a KSI wide forums challenge hosted by the Events Staff. Reality Dynasty has won the KSI wide activity challenge, yielding $20 in Xbox gift cards. With a giant push the last hour of the challenge RD went on to win over the Hell Fire division. Within the division there was a push for forums activity started with KSI Airborn 7's own hands. He gave us a challenge, if the post got over 60 replies there would be a $60 prize for the squad that won. Sadly it did not get over sixty replies so the prize was halved at $30. Thanks to the hard work of the Hades squad, Hades RD has been named the most active squad on the forums and won the challenge! Thank you to all who contributed to both challenges and a big thank you to those that had sponsored the prizes.
  8. It happened again

    oh okay lol I thought it happened again lmfao
  9. It happened again

    Unsure if the section has been moved/ removed but I can't see the hobbies forums (may be a repeat of last year where permissions were messed up)
  10. Hey there. 

    Gamer tag is Flamed0g

    Past games destiny halo 3 shadows of mordor 

    Age 44

    I heard of you earlier this year searching for gaming communities.  

    I have read the code of conduct

    I play on Xbox one

    Destiny 2 is my main game! I love it.

    I have been part of a clan. But it seems to have dissolved around me. I cannot seem to get anyone on board about destiny two. And those whom recruited me say they quit the clan.  

    I've never been blacklisted or banned no way no how. I'm a good boy. Looking for gaming friends to join with in game. 

    Possibly I could honor a leadership role with the right mentor ;)

    I used to use discord for game on my computer. And I have kik on my iPhone 

  11. Render, Focal, What?!

    If you bleed renders and cry focals then come with me! Travel on down the forums to the graphics team section and place a "Join Application." This team has all the resources but none of the manpower! If you need renders they got it. Need knowledge on how to correctly blur? Just ask! Join the team and make this site pop! The Application can be found: here
  12. We need you!

    Have you ever read anything and felt as though you didn't understand the point behind it, maybe it wasn't clear enough, and god forbid there were too many errors. I'm shuddering at the mention of that last one... Nonetheless, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have a spot for you! The News Team of course! A place where you can either make sure that information is relayed clearly or write the information yourself! Get on it people because pretty soon only the most skilled journalists and editors will be accepted!
  13. May I have information?

    I was placed on the blacklist for violations of code eight of the code of conduct, accused poaching (complete misunderstanding), and attempting to circumvent my ban (2+ times). I understand the reasoning behind upholding the ban and I realize I have a snowball's chance in heck to succeed in this appeal but I would like to give it a shot in any case. The blacklist has been at a level two since January 23, 2016, thank you to any and all whom will consider this.
  14. I am simply asking for info regarding when I would be able to appeal Its been 3 months since my appeal on a level 2 blacklist.
  15. May I

    Hey has there been any word on this? it has been nearly a month.