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  2. KSI Battle 14 Awards part 2

    @KSI Battles 14 Please provide the evidence or have your witnesses post for the following awards. Member assistance- Two Officer or above witness Master Recruiter- one General or above And One Co-Founder or above Trainer- One General or above AND one Co-founder or above Master Trainer-Two witnesses Co-Founder or above Party Planner- Witness from T&E Staff (Perhaps this one will be problematic as it is likely no T&E members from you past is active in T&E currently) Officer- General or above Mentor- Three witnesses that claim you in their bio as a mentor Role model- Seven witnesses that claim you in their bio as mentor Better with friends- General and above or screenshot of full lobby Pink list- No self-nominations, only given out by head or co-head of AAP Mad Max- Must be a member for at least one year and two witnesses general or above
  3. KSI Battle 14 Awards

    @KSI Battles 14 please have your witnesses post for these following awards. Committed- someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 1 Seasoned- someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 3 Veteran-someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 4 Loyalist-someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 5 accomplished- someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 6 Se7en- someone Director or higher confirming you held a gold KSI tag for 7 Squad splitter- witness needed (founder or above) Division creator- Witness Needed (NOTE- division must have grown to over 250 members in 6 months, Director or higher) Resurrection- the division must have been under 100 members to over 250 members withing 4 months (One Div leader AND one Director or higher) Bright idea- Witness required and what the idea was (General or above AND one officer or above) Innovator- Witness required and what the ideas were (General or above AND one officer or above)
  4. 2017 Superbowl Predictions

    uhh *tries to remember what football this is and what teams play this game* uhhhhh uhhhhh how about the broncos and the bills? (they are both american football teams right?
  5. members online limited?

    negative. i understand the limit and such. Close this please
  6. I ban Ned Addo for not knowing how to type.
  7. I ban nexus for not following the rules
  8. Consolidating All Discord Servers

    wouldn't this just give way to more people getting affected by these attacks? ie more people's users registered by a sniffer activated as soon as the hostile user gets into a channel. what say yee to this? also what if that hostile user is currently being a worthwhile ghost and actually getting into rank and then everyone is moved to a single server.... boom that ghost was just given orders to begin sniffing.... all too easy to get individual users especially if we give them what they are looking for all in one place
  9. I ban n3xus for betraying me

  11. I ban Helios for banning someone for something more than he had a part in! I got you nexus
  12. VIP Prompt on Sign-Up

    OR you guys might actually read and see that it was clearly about first ****ing impressions. you make sure they know you aren't required to ****ing pay for anything if you dont want to then its ****ing blasted in their face. huh really great way to keep our promise not to mention how much less visible the button to skip is compared to the buying one.... great......
  13. VIP Prompt on Sign-Up

    k guilt trip instead of using your brain.
  14. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    well i mean maybe being a pessimist makes you less able to see logic. i think maybe having subforums would be a better edit. it organizes the squads topics into their own area!
  15. VIP Prompt on Sign-Up

    The Prompt to become a VIP has discouraged a couple potential members i have attempted to recruit. they were promised they didnt have to pay, then get immediately asked to pay.... Discuss