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  1. DireWolf Z

    membership return apppeal

    Your Name: jimmy Official KSI Rank at time of removal: n/a Name of Leader(s) that removed/banned you: cru told me to appeal for return Date of being removed/banned: 11/20/18 Reason for being Removed/Banned: i honestly cant remember Current status(squad or clan you are in): redemption FA Witnesses wished to be called: chaoticz, KSI Crazy Contact information (NO PHONE NUMBERS): history#8983 End goal if your appeal is on your side: to remain a contributing member of my squad Detailed description of what happened: i was kicked from KSI back in november 2017 and joined up with the people making XDG. from there i had engaged in their hostilities. around april i was removed from there and from then until july i actively tried to rally against their toxicity to no avail. I stopped letting myself be near them and went on a hiatus from xbox. when i returned to xbox two weeks ago i found a KSI member in a lobby randomly and thought "hmmmm maybe i can have a clean slate" so i tricked him (first mistake) into bringing me in under the assumption that i was a nobody and was only in KSI as a nobody a year prior. I realize that my path to return wasnt the right one, and i apologize.
  2. DireWolf Z

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    way back in the beginning HB had a high council (basically a supreme court) in which the council met with the plantiff in a custom match(met in the middle of the map) to hold a case. This idea of voice cass isn very similar to that. Very happy to see a return to KSI roots!
  3. DireWolf Z

    Oh Boyo

    meh you still chill with any of the other CC cool cats?
  4. DireWolf Z

    Oh Boyo

    Christ wolf and any of the others coming back?
  5. DireWolf Z


  6. DireWolf Z

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    uhh *tries to remember what football this is and what teams play this game* uhhhhh uhhhhh how about the broncos and the bills? (they are both american football teams right?
  7. DireWolf Z

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban Ned Addo for not knowing how to type.
  8. DireWolf Z

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban nexus for not following the rules
  9. DireWolf Z

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban n3xus for betraying me
  10. DireWolf Z


  11. DireWolf Z

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban Helios for banning someone for something more than he had a part in! I got you nexus
  12. DireWolf Z

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    well i mean maybe being a pessimist makes you less able to see logic. i think maybe having subforums would be a better edit. it organizes the squads topics into their own area!
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  14. DireWolf Z


    not yet sadly i havent had the opportunity!
  15. DireWolf Z


    This thread is for those of RD to find their ramen soul mates.... what is your favorite flavor of Ramen? Favorite brand? Mine is either Oriental or chicken