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  1. Hey there. 

    Gamer tag is Flamed0g

    Past games destiny halo 3 shadows of mordor 

    Age 44

    I heard of you earlier this year searching for gaming communities.  

    I have read the code of conduct

    I play on Xbox one

    Destiny 2 is my main game! I love it.

    I have been part of a clan. But it seems to have dissolved around me. I cannot seem to get anyone on board about destiny two. And those whom recruited me say they quit the clan.  

    I've never been blacklisted or banned no way no how. I'm a good boy. Looking for gaming friends to join with in game. 

    Possibly I could honor a leadership role with the right mentor ;)

    I used to use discord for game on my computer. And I have kik on my iPhone