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    Ohio State BUCKEYES !

    Xbox One [ shooter, sports, simulation. ]
    Hardcore= One Shot, One Kill
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  1. itz J O N E S z

    C r A z Y couple of months !

    I've been playing Tom Clancys THE DIVISION on Xbox One. LoL ! I don't sleep either . I'm on Xbox one
  2. itz J O N E S z

    C r A z Y couple of months !

    It's been crazy for me at my work for the last couple of months ! Plus, the very few member's that I know of that were in KSI, and on my friends list with XBOX one are no longer here or online :/
  3. itz J O N E S z

    Best console of all time

    1 ) Xbox One 2 ) PlayStation 2 3 ) Xbox 4 ) Xbox 360
  4. itz J O N E S z

    Tea or Coffee?

    Coffee ! At home it's Folgers Colombian Brew . Away, it's Tim Horton's or, Monster Java = Kona Blend !
  5. itz J O N E S z

    xbox one games your looking forward to

    Tom Clancy's The Division by Ubisoft releases early of 2016
  6. itz J O N E S z

    Favorite movie

    Red 2 , every time it's on I can't help myself watching it over and over.
  7. itz J O N E S z

    Best team in college football?

    Might not be Ohio State, but I'm root for the BUCKEYES !
  8. itz J O N E S z

    Need a Permanent 'Home'

    Hello, I'm new here to KSI. I've been involved with a handful of Gaming Clans that have either fallen apart, evaporated, or just not up to 'snuff' . I've known of KSI for awhile, and has been involved with the Gaming Community for a long time. That's why I'm hoping KSI can make a 'PERMANENT HOME' for me. I was 16 when Nintendo first came out and gotten my first console, and been gaming ever since. I'm 43 years young and no intentions of slowing down. I play on a daily bases , maybe for 2 hours, or up to 5 hours of play when I don't have to work . Right now I'm really into Battlefield Hardline. My gaming interest's are Shooter, Sports, Simulation, but played them all. So.... I made my first Topic to say Hi, and hope to become a permanent resident here with KSI ! Thank - You , itz J O N E S z ^ ( also Xbox One Gamertag )