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  1. KSIWombat

    Whats for dinner?

    i had some spring rolls, chicken wings and some southwestern eggrolls! mhmm.. this is making me hungryy
  2. KSIWombat

    KSI Halo Pro Team

    That sounds fun!
  3. KSIWombat

    What song are you listening to?

    Feel good inc. gorillaz (Demon days album)
  4. KSIWombat

    Elder of scrolls online

    I should definitely get that game when i get an xbox 1... eventually.... Should be fun!
  5. KSIWombat


    Mhmmm.... Spam.... if only i had spam right now.... Would be awesome..... Had some spam sushi at a buffet... was so good. This talk about spam is making me hungry.... I just might get some spam because of this... SPAM Would need to go to the store to go get some spam.... but that requires effort.... it just might be worth the effort, when i go to get it.... eventually... Idk if i should just have spam or make it like how they did at the buffet, with rice and seaweed... maybe i should just go the same buffet that had the spam sushi... but then that would cost more... I havent had spam in.... months.... it has been while... might as well go get some!
  6. KSIWombat

    What Are You Watching?

    i have been watching Fear the Walking Dead. So far so good!! It's a little slow the first few episodes... but it's awesomeeee
  7. KSIWombat

    Tea or Coffee?

    This is a difficult one.... ill have to go with tea
  8. KSIWombat

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    MiiineCraaaaaft!!!!! Add me for minecraaaft sometime!
  9. KSIWombat

    Hello KSI community!...

    Welcome to KSI!
  10. KSIWombat

    Who plays runnneescaaaaapeeeee

    i only play the eoc/legacy mode, its kinda like old school, but hitting a 10 in old school is like good ol times, hitting 100 in legacy mode is basically a 10 and for eoc mode hitting 1000, is the same as hitting a 10 in old school... alot has changed :s eoc Coexists with legacy while oldschool is completely separate.. i used to play oldschool but im too broke on that so i just play eoc/legacy lol. >.<
  11. KSIWombat

    meeting new people

    Hello!!, Add meee for some gta 5 orrrrr Halo 4 Orrrrrr... MINECRAFT !
  12. KSIWombat

    Who plays runnneescaaaaapeeeee

    Whoops, my rs name is.. ----> Yewlikemehuh
  13. KSIWombat

    Who plays runnneescaaaaapeeeee

    im level 132, hmu if u play rs!
  14. KSIWombat

    World of Warcraft

    i hate fighting hunturs as a rouge lmao.
  15. KSIWombat

    Hello everybody, its good to be back:)

    Welcome back to KSI!