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    Moderator in Training Application Form

    Application Form 1. PC/PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag: KSI HANNIBAL 2. What division are you in if any? RD 3. What squad are you in, if any? ARIES 4. How long have you been in KSI ACTIVE? 5 years 5. How often are you usually on the forums? Everyday throughout the day 6. History of any punishments, (website warnings, suspensions, bans, DNH, Blacklist, etc): no 7. Define teamwork in your own words. A team working together to reach an ultamate goal or success! 8. Why do you deserve this opportunity over others? I feel that everyone has an equil chance to get this. Something that might help me over there's is that in the coming months I will be starting collage and taking an I.T. And desktop support class. 9. What is the most important rule in the KSI code of conduct to you, and why? All of the rules are important, all conect with one another to help keep controle and balance in KSI. To say one is better then a nether is like saying what brand of chocolate icecream is, there all chocolate icecream, they all have very similar tastes, but there all chocolate. 10. What is your opinion on the concept of "Double Standards"? It all depends on what it is about. It (most if not all the time) is wrong, but in some situations it is needed to helps better some situations. 11. You understand it is highly likely you will have to deal with individuals at a certain point in time that you don't like but must be willing to work with? Yes, I have two jobs right now, and at both I have to deal with people I don't like, I still work with them to the best of my abilities and get the work done. 12. You understand being on the moderation team doesn't make you a KSI god? Yes, I understand this fully. 13. What do you have to offer to the Web-Operations Team? A helping Hand, they are very busy keeping the forums up and running, so I would be the labourer, going around doing the lesser important stuff on the forums, well still getting training to become a better mod. 14. You understand if we feel you are unfit for the position you can and will be removed at anytime. Yes. 15. You understand we expect you to be active daily? Yes, as I stated. I am.
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    Got my join app in! Hoping I get the OK! I really want to help out!
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