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  1. xxkarlekxx

    Rob Zombie Film's

    I love them! I wanna go to the Rob Zombie haunted houses in Villa Park
  2. xxkarlekxx

    Rob Zombie Film's

    So has anyone seen House of a 1000 corpses, The Devils Rejects or The Lords of Salem? Or any of the other Rob Zombie films? Those three are my favorite. I have yet to see 31. Ive been meaning to watch it.
  3. xxkarlekxx

    The walking dead

    i dont like the walking dead...
  4. xxkarlekxx


    they also make spam spread :S so does anyone watch american horror story??
  5. xxkarlekxx


    lmfao wombat XD spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. xxkarlekxx


    omg shoes
  7. xxkarlekxx

    To Koda and the older guys

    lololollll AHDH and ADD that's one way to sound young I guess.....
  8. xxkarlekxx


    spam is so not delicious. :L so gross
  9. xxkarlekxx

    Cookies or Brownies?

    hands down cookiess
  10. xxkarlekxx

    Image Sharing

    I cant post pictures.......idk why.........................
  11. xxkarlekxx


  12. xxkarlekxx

    your favorite song(s)

    Razed in Black - Lie to me (Depeche mode cover) and one - Krieger