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  1. Trubisky

    Pokemon Go Chat

    Just recently started playing lol definitely behind
  2. Trubisky

    Assassins Creed Movie (trailer)

    Does look very good!
  3. Trubisky

    Favorite song

    Headlines by Drake. Upbeat! Fun to listen to!
  4. Trubisky

    What is your favorite Album & Artist

    Artist: Drake Song: Headlines
  5. Trubisky

    Rap God

    Eminem is a thug lol
  6. Trubisky

    Favorite Type Of music

    Rap/Hip Hop
  7. Trubisky

    Best Studying Music?

    Always a fan of rap music when I study. Idk why lol
  8. Trubisky

    What song are you listening to?

    Usher - You Got it Bad
  9. Trubisky

    Favorite movie

    The Departed
  10. Trubisky

    High School sports

    I played QB & TE for Football (4 years) Threw Discus in Track (1 year) Played PF in Basketball (1 year)
  11. Trubisky

    NFL team Favorite?

    Chicago Bears
  12. Trubisky

    Vivid x Dreamer

    Hey Everybody! I am Vivid x Dreamer! Going to be joining KSI soon! Hope to meet alot of people to play with!
  13. Trubisky

    What's your real job?

    I am a IT/Help Desk Analyst
  14. Trubisky

    Good BO2 Players Needed

    Hey guys! Im looking for 5 other members to come play league play on black ops 2 and attempt to get into a high division. Requirements: -Working Mic -Decent Skills -Communication Skills REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!! Enter Gamertag & K.D. Ratio on BO2
  15. Trubisky

    Hello! Im Diddy Kong! :)

    Wouldnt that be weird if right as you left LE, that i joined? haha And i will definitely message you on kik if i need help or just to talk! thanks!