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  1. Syndicate™

    Recruiting Tournament Results

    Successfully Awarded
  2. Syndicate™

    Recruiting Tournament Results

    Yesterday at 10PM EST, I had challenged 12 individuals to a recruiting contest. The requirement was to have a KSI Tag or to be an Affiliate of KSI to participate. The goal was to achieve as many recruits as possible in 12 hours. The winner of the contest with 5 Loyal Recruits was none other then the News Team Lead, KSI Chaoticz. You will be rewarded with a 50$ Xbox Card to your Country's Equivalent per 02/26/2017. Thanks So Much For Participating. Hope to see more of the Community Participate next time. Have a Great Day Everyone
  3. Doing My Best To Make a Difference

    1. SnipeZone Z
    2. Syndicate™


      Thanks My Man. I'm enjoying what I do.

  4. Just Glad To Be Back at Home :D

  5. Just Glad To Be Back at Home :D

  6. Just Glad To Be Back at Home :D

  7. Syndicate™

    Beer n tequila

    Lmao, i guess everyone has preferences
  8. Syndicate™

    Beer n tequila

    Depends, I love me some Heineken
  9. Just Missing The Community Life