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    Sports,gaming, metal bands, tattoos, diesel trucks,vaping\cloud chasing and meeting new people.
  1. Konfliction

    A little about RGS SHIELD RD

    Welcome man
  2. Konfliction

    Where's everyone from?

    Middle of no where.. Gordon,Nebraska but move to alliance, nebraska for the railroad after highschool to Live and work here
  3. Konfliction

    Whats up guys

    Awesome man.
  4. "It is easier to fight for principles than to live up to them"

  5. Konfliction


    Eh why?
  6. Konfliction

    Agares is here

    Ahh I see my newer taste
  7. Konfliction

    New guy to the site.

    Hey man welcome to be here glad to have you
  8. Konfliction

    Agares is here

    Welcome and Metalhead huh? Well that got me interested ha but yes welcome back. Glad see old and people coming back. (;
  9. Konfliction

    What games does ksi play?

    Black ops2 gta five, destiny and halo four is some of them
  10. Konfliction

    NFL team Favorite?

    My steelers (;
  11. Konfliction

    Best team in college football?

    I'm from Nebraska but I been an Oregon duck fan since I was little lad what's your thought on corn huskers? ha
  12. Konfliction

    Konfliction 666

    Hey guys,my name is Curtis and 20yrs old I joined KSI a day ago and looking forward to meeting all of you guys, make something of myself here with your guys support. I was in the miltary of the branch of army and now work for a big railroad company.I got recruited by Undead suns which he's a great help.