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  1. Panthyv1

    What games does ksi play?

    Anything with a high enough user base; Mainly, CoD and Halo. There is a few odd squads that allow or use other games.
  2. Panthyv1

    Agares is here

    Dont get me wrong, the new Metal is good also.
  3. Panthyv1

    New guy to the site.

    Black Ops 2/Ghosts.
  4. Panthyv1

    New guy to the site.

    Welcome to the site and forums, Eso actually is one of the games i wish to play bug never had a chance. CoD is bro, again welcome and have fun.
  5. Panthyv1

    What is V2

    Nice, on the subject. I have a 7 tag from the past. I have just refreshed that and my vAgares with Xbl is it fine i use till tuesday?
  6. Panthyv1

    Quick 2 Questions

    Oh nice question, i firstly joined KSI under halo back in 08 later on i was on MW2 Played against a squad in LS that nuked every game, each of six got one in turn. I stayed/returned due to all the options, helping build and climbing ranks was always fun.
  7. Panthyv1

    What's Good Everybahdy

    Boo, you need to LoL
  8. Panthyv1

    What is V2

    I miss sitting in Party with Seven
  9. Panthyv1

    What is V2

    I know what 7 is
  10. Panthyv1

    Agares is here

    Thanks x2 and yeah old metal tho
  11. Panthyv1

    What is V2

    So in other words there is a CoC for name parts.. Did they do that with 7 too?
  12. Panthyv1

    Agares is here

    Only place i will go
  13. Panthyv1


    Yeah that too. I dont understand why people help build then steal xD
  14. Panthyv1


    Ooh ouch, but hey out with the old in with the new.
  15. Panthyv1


    Does Ragares, Spaz, LuckyPoi, Messiah or J3 still KSi?