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  1. KSI Abaddon 7

    Just me

  2. KSI Abaddon 7

    Account merger

    I do believe the last time I was here I had another account I can't remember the information for. I believe the old account was KSI Darth Vad3r and my new account is KSI Vad3r 7 Can we merge these accounts please
  3. KSI Abaddon 7

    KSI Vad3r 7

    Aww why not but it would be fun
  4. KSI Abaddon 7

    KSI Vad3r 7

    Hey man I'm here to stay now i need you to rub my nipples
  5. KSI Abaddon 7

    KSI Vad3r 7

    Lmao nice to be back bro
  6. KSI Abaddon 7

    KSI Vad3r 7

    Hey guys I'm a former member here I was the creator of Renegade SR and former founder of SR it is great to be back and thanks BT Alucard and my very old friend Jaded for allowing me back home