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  1. KSI River

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    I'm spending it with my family. =] I've got my mom with me where I live. So it should be fun. And its our first Christmas down here in South Florida. So it doesn't feel much like Christmas weather wise. Merry Christmas
  2. KSI River

    Favorite movie

  3. KSI River

    Movies A-Z

    I- I Am Legend
  4. KSI River

    New to the Forms

    Hey everyone, I'm River. Some of you already know me. I'm starting to look around the forms and get the feel for it. I'm happy to be here in KSI. I look forward to spending more time with KSI and watching us grow. My gt is KSI River. =]
  5. KSI River

    New to forums...

    Welcome to the forms, and its great to have you in KSI with us. =]