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  1. cbmorning

    withdrawing application : cbmorning

    i can say for me, being put into a squad that typically logs consistant hours on say destiny, cod or MCC for example, i wouldnt really see the point of being in those squads? if they are playing that and its not my cup of tea how am i to really get to know my squad mate while say, were all in chat, their playing that game and im off over here playing diablo 3? i understand the reason for squads that are set for a singular game style, cod , destiny, etc, because it offers up the chance of a whole team going into a game rather than a single person with a bucnh of randoms... i also understand that yeah if im within a squad we have the chance or ablitiy to play other game, but how often wouldl that happen if im in a squad that typically is loggin serious hours into destiny or cod? its not like i can say hey lets play this or that or pull some kind of rank and say this is whats being played tonight etc. i think it could help if you keep your dedicated squads to certain games but open up to the idea of "random squads" that allow ppl who are not into one type of game to still be in a squad, honeslty i see that as a better squad builder in the end becuase eventually you'll find that ppl who arent in a dedicated type squad will eventually find other players in different types of game and want to start a squad from there in that game type. example, if i were in a "random squad" and i found out that, 5 other ppl are playing diablo or aliens isololation, or madden even, eventually were going to squad up play this games just as your dedicated ones do and boom you have another squad start? im just saying...ive never actually been in any clan that had dedicated squads unless it was MLG, but that might just be me...i just thought i would voice my opinion and go from there. I also wasnt speaking just for me, i play with a tight squad currently that would have considered making the jump to KSI also. i told them how things were here truthfully and allowed them to draw their own conculsions. they would have rathered stayed a group to our own and i didnt see you leadership allowing that to happen, so i didnt bring that to the table. making a new squad full of rookies with not real attachment to the community their in? doesnt sound promising?
  2. cbmorning

    withdrawing application : cbmorning

    hello again KSI, its was regret that ill be asking to withdraw my joining app. I did join this clan by accident at first but tried to give it a chance at being my home.. its been a few days and ive noticed a few things when it comes to this community that id like to share in hopes that maybe you can work on it going forward and maybe change the stagnate feeling. Ive noticed that this community is really like a 2 trick pony, it being MCC or destiny for xbox platforms and you don't offer anything in the way of gamers that aren't interested in those games. I'm part of a team of ppl that were lined up to join with me but when I told them that it was a 2 game clan, it soured them. another thing I noticed in the squads that its really lacking active member, 3 here 4 there, etc, might wanna consider consolidating them till you have the ability to fill out those clan? recruiting is lacking as well it would seem. its cool and dandy that you have like 60k ppl on your members list but is that worth having if 80% is inactive? I randomly selected letter in the members are and checked a few pages for approx. an hr and only found about 10 or 12 active green lettered members. I'm in no way trying to disrespect this community, I'm actually trying to help it grow, but I'm sure it wont be seen that way and I'm sorry for that. thanks again for considerations -cbmorning
  3. cbmorning

    cbmorning is in purgatory...

    rookie to KSI seeking squad, 31 y/o with ton of clan experiece, just no regularity of gaming right now...due to the lack of god games but if you need a squad member with exp of running clans and handling the responsibilties that come with it, hit me up, bounce some ideas off me and well see what happens...
  4. cbmorning

    Unsure if im offical but here goes?

    thanks koda appreciate it
  5. cbmorning

    so dumb quesiton?

    Thanks everyone for the heads up on the whats up lol I greatly appreciate it for sure. I'll take those suggest and move forward with those and see what happens. I'm sorry if that I seemed impatient, I just figured with as many clan member as this one has, easily the biggest clan ive ever been apart of that things would happen much quicker lol but I understand patience... thanks again
  6. cbmorning

    so dumb quesiton?

    im not gonna lie, but this website/forum is more than overwelming for me currently as I try to navigate through all this, but the question is who do I need to talk to and/or find that to finding out the next step in this process? I'm not sure if its just me, or just an observation but I'm more than confused on a lot of things? maybe its just the lack of ppl using the forums vs actually talking to someone on XBOX ONE, but its been almost three days and no one has approached me in any sort of shadowing, training, or anything like that? maybe its just was my expectations coming in to this from what ive heard about this clan that I thought it would be more personable? anyways... what is my next step here? what should I be doing? should I be the one to approach leadership or should I continue you wait? maybe its just me....
  7. hello everyone, I'm not sure if I am officially KSI, I did get a welcome to the team message but unsure if that like a official welcome but I thought I would introduce myself just in care? Im chris or otherwise know as cbmorning (xbox one), 31 years old, at least for the next few days. If you you have taken the chance to read the "joining app" you would know that i've been gaming for 20 plus years. started out on a Atari moving my way up in platforms over the years to the XBOX ONE currently. I have tried to play playstaion over the years but it hasnt worked out. I had my first real clan experience in PC gaming on counter strike where i was a part of a few clans, 2 of which were MLG teams so i do have experiecne in that area. I eventually branched out to creating my one team, running multiple servers, as well as communications, but my lack of exp. in leadership and the technical aspect my clan folded withing a few months. Ive held just about every and any position a clan it can offer, from a rookie to leadership, counsel positions, ive mentored clans as they started out and occasionally ive been asked to spy within clans to monitior members and report back to leaderships. PC 4 to 5 clans PSN 1 clan Xbox 1 clan for ever call of duty, maybe a cpl more between those, One clan I ran while my friend was on deployment as well. COC 2 clans anyways... im typically a easy to get along with person, takes a lot for you to get on my bad side. I was in the army, but was injured during basic training and sent home. I'm married with my first child on the was due in December. I don't have a problem with woman in command, leaders come in all kinds. if you wanna know anymore I guess just ask...