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    WoT, Tom Clancey games, Rising officer looking to leave his impression. Military (Air Force Enlisted SF Vet), gaming and group chats.

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  1. KSI Void Fox

    NFL team Favorite?

    Packers all the way. I lived in illinois in bears territory i had a nice hard life lol
  2. KSI Void Fox

    Rainbow six siege squads

    I might transfer for a Rainbow Squad.... i just might...... I would have to think on it from all the love and support Adrastos has given me.
  3. KSI Void Fox

    Anyone wanna play Dying Light The Following

    Add me as a friend KSI Air Merc I am an Lt. with Adrastos KB I play dying Light on occasion and would love to play with you if still looking for people in clan to play with
  4. KSI Void Fox

    The Division (Beta)

    To the original messenger I would love to play division with you when the (potentially open beta comes out) and when the game does actually come out along with any other KSI member add me if you wanna play: KSI Air Merc v/r Kyle West
  5. KSI Void Fox

    What song are you listening to?

    Pop 101 - Mariannaa Trench
  6. KSI Void Fox

    WoT Adrastos Tribute

    Across the field you see them race they dip and dart you out of place to the back to hit an arty feeling like a real smarty suddenly bang and one is dead a metaphorical shot to the head Who is charging out from the back a king of kings we lead the pack Adrastos roles onto the field and our resolve is steeled enemy fire bounces to and fro tanks so fast they burn nitro death comes for a cool embrace Adrastos has come to seal your fate in our tanks we recognize the battle cries for KSI. fin my first poem, not the best but its 2 in the morning and i felt creative lol.
  7. KSI Void Fox

    Marianas Trench

    Just recently found this band (im a lil slow on the music side) they sound awesome anyone have any references or similar bands that i should check out?
  8. New Lt. soon to be Captain of Adrastos with enough motivation to lead a movement in KSI and leave my mark in the greatest clan Xbox has to offer.

    1. Mr Brady

      Mr Brady

      Coming from someone who's been there man, when you hit the top of the chain (division leader) all of your hard work is going to be worth it, keep pushing man!