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  1. KSI Biddulph 7

    T&E Meetings Notes - 2018/07/24

    Events 2018-07-24 - What games are dominant for each platform. PS4 Games covered: PUBG, COD WW2, Destiney 2, etc. Xbox One: COD WW2 and MAYBE PUBG. - 2v2 tournaments being the primary structure of tournaments for current KSI. - Game Battles and discussing how HeadHunters will be a goal in the future of KSI. - How Head Hunters is established on PS4 already and how we should involve them with our system. - We need to take surveys of what games are played in each squad, and what seems to be the dominant game(s).
  2. KSI Biddulph 7

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI Biddulph 7 Squad/Division: Rapture FA Rank: SGT Position Requested: Any position. Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I always had a fondness for tournaments and events. I personally believe all members should experience a KSI tournament and or event. I believe I could eventually make that happen, which could ultimately contribute to the greater success inthe clan ops section of KSI. What can you bring to the T&E department? More consistent events and more input regarding how KSI should organize and operate in this department. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): Yes. I attempted to run tournaments and events in every squad I was ever a part of. I would also try to organize cross-squad tournaments and invite other squads to be a part of the tournament. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Sportsmanship to me is a term defining how one should treat another in a positive and fair manner, in a competitive environment. Define Team in your own words: Team is a term describing how a group of individuals work with one another to achieve a common goal; by using a certain set of skills, such as communication and motivation. Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes. Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) Yes.
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    Count to a MILLION!

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    Count to a MILLION!

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  9. KSI Biddulph 7

    TV-Show/One Word Story Time

    YOU know the rules of the one-word story, just gotta run with them. One word, one comment. You can comment AGAIN once ANOTHER person comments on it after your comment. Imagine a place where 5 TV SHOWS were mixed into one universe that was the size of a kilometre... what would happen? Who would be there? Would there be death? Love? Hatred? War? Bronies? It's up to you to decide. ONE WORD STORY TIME. FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO COMMENT CAN PICK WHAT SHOWS CAN BE IN THIS STORY. ONLY 1 SHOW PER THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Favorite pet?

  11. KSI Biddulph 7

    Name something you should never do naked

    Bend over to pick up a horseshoe
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    Count to a MILLION!

    43....or is it?
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    Any Star Wars fans out there?

    My favourite character is easily Darth Maul. Ever since I first witnessed him fight Obi Wan and Qui Gon, I adored him. My love for him grew immensilly when he started to appear in the Clone Wars series and also Rebels. I would personally pick neither, but rather be in the middle, between the light and the dark, essentially like Mace Windu.