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  1. KSI Biddulph 7

    KSI Moderation Team Application

    1. PC/PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag: KSI Biddulph 7 2. What division are you in if any? FA 3. What squad are you in, if any? Rapture 4. How long have you been in KSI ACTIVE? In and out since 2012. 5. How often are you usually on the forums? 3-4 hours a day 6. History of any punishments, (website warnings, suspensions, bans, DNH, Blacklist, etc): Blacklisted but it was overruled. 7. Define teamwork in your own words. In my opinion, teamwork is the definition of working well with other individuals while keeping a positive, professional, and friendly manner. Teamwork applies in any situation and is utilized to overcome the most difficult of challenges. WIthout, the foundation of whatever it is would collapse. 8. Why do you deserve this opportunity over others? I don't necessarily believe I "deserve" the position over anyone else, but rather that I have the experience to assist other members while also being able to overcome challenges that may arise. 9. What is the most important rule in the KSI code of conduct to you, and why? I personally believe the rule regarding the open door policy is the most important rule by far. This is due to KSI being a "community." We welcome everyone with any issue what-so-ever. This rule applies to anyone within the KSI community. 10. What is your opinion on the concept of "Double Standards"? Double standards only apply in certain circumstances but VERY RARELY. All rules and conducts apply to all members, no matter of race, gender, or past KSI experience. Everyone is fair in all cases. 11. You understand it is highly likely you will have to deal with individuals at a certain point in time that you don't like but must be willing to work with? I understand. 12. You understand being on the moderation team doesn't make you a KSI god? I understand. 13. What do you have to offer to the Web-Operations Team? I have to offer everything I have learned over the countless years in KSI while also being able to lead in certain circumstances. I have dedication, commitment, knowledge, and many other qualities. 14. You understand if we feel you are unfit for the position you can and will be removed at anytime. I understand. 15. You understand we expect you to be active daily? I understand.
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    Count to a MILLION!

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    Count to a MILLION!

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  8. KSI Biddulph 7

    TV-Show/One Word Story Time

    YOU know the rules of the one-word story, just gotta run with them. One word, one comment. You can comment AGAIN once ANOTHER person comments on it after your comment. Imagine a place where 5 TV SHOWS were mixed into one universe that was the size of a kilometre... what would happen? Who would be there? Would there be death? Love? Hatred? War? Bronies? It's up to you to decide. ONE WORD STORY TIME. FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO COMMENT CAN PICK WHAT SHOWS CAN BE IN THIS STORY. ONLY 1 SHOW PER THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  9. KSI Biddulph 7

    Favorite pet?

  10. KSI Biddulph 7

    Name something you should never do naked

    Bend over to pick up a horseshoe
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  12. KSI Biddulph 7

    Count to a MILLION!

    43....or is it?
  13. KSI Biddulph 7

    Any Star Wars fans out there?

    My favourite character is easily Darth Maul. Ever since I first witnessed him fight Obi Wan and Qui Gon, I adored him. My love for him grew immensilly when he started to appear in the Clone Wars series and also Rebels. I would personally pick neither, but rather be in the middle, between the light and the dark, essentially like Mace Windu.
  14. KSI Biddulph 7

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: Jubella x Squad/Division: N/A Rank: N/A Position Requested: Any position. Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I always had a fondness for tournaments and events. I personally believe all members should experience a KSI tournament and or event. I believe I could eventually make that happen, which could ultimately contribute to the greater success in the clan ops section of KSI. What can you bring to the T&E department? More consistent events and more input regarding how KSI should organize and operate in this department. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): Yes. I attempted to run tournaments and events in every squad I was ever a part of. I would also try to organize cross-squad tournaments and invite other squads to be a part of the tournament. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Sportsmanship to me is a term defining how one should treat another in a positive and fair manner, in a competitive environment. Define Team in your own words: Team is a term describing how a group of individuals work with one another to achieve a common goal; by using a certain set of skills, such as communication and motivation. Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes. Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) Yes.