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  1. KSI Silvu 7

    Favorite All Time Game?

    Final Fantasy 7 possibly one of the best game ever
  2. KSI Silvu 7

    KSI Global T Shirts

    I would of course rock one out, would be good to wear to comic con
  3. KSI Silvu 7

    Silvu and the Sausage

    So over the last two weeks I've been living off sausage sandwiches and tea. Love a good sausage
  4. KSI Silvu 7

    Topics in AAP not moveable

    Sorry for another post in regards to AAP but there seems to be a number of topics in the AAP section: https://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/185-achievement-award-program/ from 2011 that are unable to be moved, I can pin or unpin them but that is it.
  5. KSI Silvu 7

    AAP Completed Forms

    Just to make you aware myself and the other AAP members are still unable to move topics to the completed forms once they have been closed out. This is causing the area to get a tad cluttered
  6. KSI Silvu 7


    <3 cheers
  7. KSI Silvu 7


    The awards section doesn't show anything and I cant find where to buy the support awards etc.
  8. I think it does not make much sense to have virtual taxes on a virtual currency so we should remove it! Discuss...
  9. KSI Silvu 7

    Beam VS Twitch

    What is beam?
  10. KSI Silvu 7

    Favorite rock musician?

    Like Mizz said it depends on my mood but I do like Iron Maiden
  11. KSI Silvu 7

    Why did you join KSI?

    I joined as I wanted people to play Bo3 with, I was fed up playing with randoms all the damn time. KSI stood out for a few reasons, friendly people, organisation and a half decent website.
  12. KSI Silvu 7

    Primary Xbox one game?

    I play whatever takes my fancy, lately its been a lot of Smite.
  13. KSI Silvu 7

    What's your real job?

    Software engineering student and resident headcase
  14. KSI Silvu 7

    Introducing myself

    Hello there.
  15. KSI Silvu 7

    Intruduce My Self

    Hello there.