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  1. kalemon0958

    Whats YOUR favorite?

    I love crunch bars
  2. kalemon0958

    KSI Xbox One

    Added* I mainly play of the mornings after work and Friday and Saturday night
  3. kalemon0958

    Ghost recon wildlands

    What does everyone think about it?
  4. kalemon0958

    Calling all Destiny players!

    Kalemon0958 - xb1 GT I also play destiny. When I'm not playing BO3 that is lol.
  5. kalemon0958

    What's everyone's thoughts on the new xbox one update?

    I just got mine yesterday. I have to say it will get some taking used to.
  6. kalemon0958

    XBox One Squads?

    Biddulph I have added you on xbox. I have also recently joined KSI and awaiting orders
  7. kalemon0958

    What Are You Watching?

    Looking for a new show, recently watched person of interest, burn Notice, sons of anarchy, californication, I have netflix so that's what I get my shows on
  8. kalemon0958


    I have recently submitted an application to join KSI. And then I believe I will be awaiting a group to join. I do mainly play CoD and Destiny. However I am open to many other games. I am a third shift worker so my play times are 90% in the morning except my days off I will be on within the night. Im an avid movie collector. and video game player. im 28. Mature but I do have my moments lol. However when I get into a game, im all mature. I was previously in a clan and I like ranking structures. and ALWAYS having someone to play with. I am always on forums thanks to smart phones, and im active throughout most of the day on XB1. I've tried PSN and PC, PSN just couldn't find competition so I never followed through. and PC I played WoW for 8 years, until finally I seen the light outside my window and wandered what it was lol.
  9. kalemon0958

    NFL team Favorite?

    I used to like the 49ers back in the Jerry Rice days. Now I would have to go with New Orleans