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  1. KSI DoubleOh 7

    KSI Global T Shirts

    The reason for creating this topic is to see who would be interested in Purchasing a KSI Global T-shirt if this design is successful there could be more in the future if you are interested in this please post a response to this topic Letting us know FRONT BACK
  2. a section/ team that works on creating new and beneficial tools for KSI as a whole. Banner below
  3. KSI DoubleOh 7

    What's your real job?

    I'm a College Admissions Rep
  4. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Worst Game Boss Ever?

    So lets get some suggestions who very well was the worst boss you have ever faced in your gaming career?
  5. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Recruiting Tips

    Very nice, well written.
  6. KSI DoubleOh 7

    New to the Forms

    Hey welcome to the forums
  7. KSI DoubleOh 7

    What is your weapon?

    Battle Rifle
  8. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Whats for dinner?

    pork chops
  9. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Can you survive?

    halo 5, i be dead in 6 seconds lol
  10. KSI DoubleOh 7

    What was the first game you ever played?

    metroid on sega genisis
  11. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Where's everyone from?

    Scranton, PA Home of the office
  12. KSI DoubleOh 7


    Hey Welcome Back
  13. KSI DoubleOh 7

    Hey guys

    Hey Welcome To the Forums hope you enjoy inferno