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  1. KSI Exiledx

    Best team in college football?

    I'm a duck fan.... So there's that.... ;/
  2. KSI Exiledx

    Halo 5, Anyone?

    KSI Exiledx Scorch HF is a halo 5 squad, and were heavily active (;
  3. KSI Exiledx

    New Year's Resolutions?

    I'm going to make sure I keep my truck clean (: And most importantly be a better husband
  4. KSI Exiledx

    New to forums, returning member

    Welcome back sir!
  5. KSI Exiledx

    Used to be in this back in 07-10

    Welcome back!!!
  6. KSI Exiledx

    Best Game of All Time

    I'm going to have to say either halo 3 or call of duty 4
  7. KSI Exiledx

    Rugby's greatest Moments

    I played flanker, fly half, hooker, 8man and wing.
  8. KSI Exiledx

    NFL team Favorite?

    Bleed green and yellow. Go pack go
  9. KSI Exiledx

    Cotton Bowl 2015

    Seriously slowest game...
  10. KSI Exiledx


    It's too bad mobile doesn't have one
  11. KSI Exiledx

    your favorite song(s)

    Truth by seether
  12. KSI Exiledx

    KSI Xbox One

    KSI Exiledx !! I play halo 5 guardians and Star Wars battlefront
  13. KSI Exiledx

    Used to be in this back in 07-10

    Still going strong man! Welcome home!