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  1. KSI Packers 7

    Appeal Form

    My apologies if this is not allowed yet but I was one of those members. This witness account from Tinlock is nothing but bull crap. I have been being harassed EVERY day about reviewing his case and I’m not even a Judge. I can attest to Tinlock making threats as I was in the Party. Titan simply messaged him to inform him to stop harassing Members including myself.
  2. KSI Packers 7

    July 2019 MoTM

    Your Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: KSI Packers97 Nominee Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: KSI x DaniWolf Nominee Profile Link: https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/57283-ksi-x-daniwolf/ Squad/Division/Rank of Member being Nominated: Redemption FA General Please provide a detailed statement why you want this member to be considered for MoTM nomination: During the Month of July, Redemption has been kicking butt! Totally kicking it! But most haven’t seen behind the scenes at the person making Redemption who they are now. That person is DaniWolf. Through different scenarios that played out, hardships, and even personal difficulties, Dani made it work. She made Redemption who they are today.
  3. KSI Packers 7

    What song are you listening to?

    All To Myself by Dan + Shay
  4. KSI Packers 7

    What was the last election you voted in?

    I voted in 2016.
  5. KSI Packers 7

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    Madam Secretary or Designated Survivor.
  6. KSI Packers 7

    Thoughts on NBA Free Agency 2019

    I like the moves made by the Lakers, Nets, and Clippers! But how about that move by the Thunder and Houston to deal Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul? It should be an interesting season none-the-less.
  7. KSI Packers 7

    Are You Getting CoD: Modern Warfare?

    Who's getting it!?!?!?!?
  8. KSI Packers 7

    What does KSI mean to you

    KSI to me has and always will be my family. Being in KSI at currently at the Rank I am means so much to me. Yes, it may just be 3rd CPT and even though I've been a Co-founder before, it means a lot to me to help grow this community.
  9. KSI Packers 7

    KSI Noble

    Welcome back!
  10. KSI Packers 7

    NBA Dream Team

    Lebron James Russell Westbrook Dwayne Wade Jimmy Butler Nerlens Noel
  11. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Sport?

  12. KSI Packers 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Team: Baltimore Ravens Gamertag: KSI Packers97
  13. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Definitely not your son lol
  14. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    At the time you wrote this, I told you it was being reworked. Its no secret that it is. It’s been happening for a few weeks now.
  15. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    As far as I know, these positions are still vacant.