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  1. Your Gamertag: KSI Packers 7 Achievements/Awards you are looking to be awarded to yourself or the Member your nominating: 1.) Jack of All Trades 2.) Head Hunter Witnesses to call on your behalf for the Achievements/Awards or provided Proof: 1.) @KSI Viktory 7 can vouch for my Recruiting on the PlayStation Side over the years as well as being a Mentor within the FTLA Program when Mizz Airy was around and taught. @Icespot 7 could also vouch as well. @KSI Whitewolf-VMJR can attest as well for the Xbox Side. 2.) I am currently Valkyrie's Team Manager for our Head Hunter's Team. I can provide screenshots if necessary. If not, @KSI Whitewolf-VMJR can vouch. ALSO, Is there a Fallen Angels and/or a CoD: Bo4 Banner that is available too or any other game banners like Destiny 2, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege? Link to my Profile- https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/49993-ksi-packers-7/?tab=node_awards_Awards
  2. KSI Packers 7

    Batman or Superman?

  3. KSI Packers 7

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Cowboy Bebop!
  4. KSI Packers 7

    Social Media Usage

    I love this poll! Keep up the good work!
  5. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Netflix Movie?

    Favorite Netflix Movie is currently Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden.
  6. KSI Packers 7

    What song are you listening to?

    I'm currently listening to "Homesick" by Kane Brown.
  7. KSI Packers 7

    King/Queen of the hill

    Well sorry to bust your bubble, but I am King of the Hill because I said so.
  8. KSI Packers 7

    Count to 100

  9. KSI Packers 7

    Count to a MILLION!

  10. KSI Packers 7

    Need recruitmen pls

    Hello @Steven vazquez Alvarado! Thank you for your interest! I can advise you to follow the link below. There you will find our Join Application! Please fill this out completely and someone will get a hold of you. Best of luck! https://forums.ksiglobal.com/join/?do=form&d=3
  11. KSI Packers 7

    My 2019 NFL Predictions

    So the NFL 100th Season is underway! First up, the Packers and Bears! The Packers escape the Bears to win the first game of the Season! My Predictions: NFC Playoff Teams- 1.) LA Rams 2.) NO Saints 3.) CHI Bears 4.) PHI Eagles 5.) GB Packers 6.) DAL Cowboys AFC Playoff Teams- 1.) KC Chiefs 2.) NE Patriots 3.) BAL Ravens 4.) JAC Jaguars 5.) LA Chargers 6.) CLE Browns Feel free to let me know what you think of my predictions and any changes you have!
  12. KSI Packers 7

    College Football Bowl Season!

    It's that time of year again when College Football hosts it's annual Bowl Games to see which teams are the best and who will be crowned National Champion. This year, there are some elite match ups and I want your opinions on them. Let's start with #8 UCF vs. #11 LSU in the Fiesta Bowl. Being from Florida, I have watched almost every UCF Game this year. They are HOT. However, in the final regular season rivalry match up against USF, their quarterback suffered a season and potentially career ending injury to his Right Knee and Leg. So do they truly have what it takes to take down a powerhouse team like LSU? In my opinion, no. LSU's Defense is incredible and not to mention their offense can get going QUICK. My prediction? LSU beats UCF 35-17. The second game that we will look at will be #10 Florida vs. #7 Michigan in the Peach Bowl. As a Florida Gator fan, this hurts me to even see us playing Michigan. So far, throughout history, Florida is 0-4 against Michigan including a 41-7 loss back in 2016 and a 33-17 loss back in 2017. Florida's Offense is struggling to stay hot but their Defense is killing it. Therefore, I think this actually gives Florida a shot but will it be enough to finally win against Michigan? My prediction? Florida beats Michigan 35-31. The third game that we will look at will be #9 Washington vs. #6 Ohio State in the all-so famous Rose Bowl. This match up is going to be one for the books! Both of these teams have incredible powerhouse Offenses and Defenses. But, with Ohio State's head coach Urban Meyer leaving the program after the game, will it effect them? I believe it will not but it has to at least be in the back of their heads. They've played each other 11 times since 1995 with Ohio State beating Washington 8 of those 11 times. Therefore, my prediction is Ohio State beats Washington 38-31. We can't finish this topic without visiting the College Football Playoff Games! 1.) #2 Clemson vs. #3 Notre Dame in the CFP Semifinal at the Cotton Bowl Classic. Clemson has looked extravagant all season long while Notre Dame has had it's struggles but somehow finished the regular season undefeated. In my opinion, Clemson's Defense is TOO strong for Notre Dame's unbalanced Offense. My prediction? Clemson demolishes Notre Dame 42-21. 2.) #1 Alabama vs. #4 Oklahoma in the CFP Semifinal at the Orange Bowl. Alabama has struggled this season with injuries and tight games but has always found a way to escape a loss and ranking change. However, Oklahoma's Heisman Winning Quarterback looks like he may be able to dismantle the Crimson Tide. Will Alabama's Defense be able to slow down and potentially stop Oklahoma's fast paced Offense? My prediction? UPSET ALERT! Oklahoma narrowly beats Alabama 49-42. You've heard my Thoughts and Predictions so let me hear yours!
  13. KSI Packers 7

    Appeal Form

    My apologies if this is not allowed yet but I was one of those members. This witness account from Tinlock is nothing but bull crap. I have been being harassed EVERY day about reviewing his case and I’m not even a Judge. I can attest to Tinlock making threats as I was in the Party. Titan simply messaged him to inform him to stop harassing Members including myself.
  14. KSI Packers 7

    What song are you listening to?

    All To Myself by Dan + Shay
  15. KSI Packers 7

    What was the last election you voted in?

    I voted in 2016.
  16. KSI Packers 7

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    Madam Secretary or Designated Survivor.
  17. KSI Packers 7

    Thoughts on NBA Free Agency 2019

    I like the moves made by the Lakers, Nets, and Clippers! But how about that move by the Thunder and Houston to deal Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul? It should be an interesting season none-the-less.
  18. KSI Packers 7

    Are You Getting CoD: Modern Warfare?

    Who's getting it!?!?!?!?
  19. KSI Packers 7

    What does KSI mean to you

    KSI to me has and always will be my family. Being in KSI at currently at the Rank I am means so much to me. Yes, it may just be 3rd CPT and even though I've been a Co-founder before, it means a lot to me to help grow this community.
  20. KSI Packers 7

    KSI Noble

    Welcome back!
  21. KSI Packers 7

    NBA Dream Team

    Lebron James Russell Westbrook Dwayne Wade Jimmy Butler Nerlens Noel
  22. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Sport?

  23. KSI Packers 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Team: Baltimore Ravens Gamertag: KSI Packers97
  24. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Definitely not your son lol
  25. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    At the time you wrote this, I told you it was being reworked. Its no secret that it is. It’s been happening for a few weeks now.