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  1. KSI Packers 7

    NBA Dream Team

    Lebron James Russell Westbrook Dwayne Wade Jimmy Butler Nerlens Noel
  2. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Sport?

  3. KSI Packers 7

    AAP June 2019 MoTM

    Your Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: KSI Packers97 Nominee Gamertag/PSN/Uplay: KSI Ares 70 Nominee Profile Link: https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/56914-ksi-ares-70/ Sqaud/Division/Rank of Member being Nominated: Co-Founder in Fallen Angels Please provide a detailed statement why you want this member to be considered for MoTM nomination: I believe Ares deserves the June MOTM Award because this month, he got his squad ready to split and successfully completed the split and became a Co-Founder. His hard work and dedication is what makes KSI look good in today’s world. I believe he gives 110% in everything he does.
  4. KSI Packers 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Team: Baltimore Ravens Gamertag: KSI Packers97
  5. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Definitely not your son lol
  6. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    At the time you wrote this, I told you it was being reworked. Its no secret that it is. It’s been happening for a few weeks now.
  7. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    As far as I know, these positions are still vacant.
  8. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite All Time Game?

    Personally, I love Black Ops 2 but I have to say, Destiny 2 comes close!
  9. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite All Time Game?

    I love R6 and Dead By Daylight!
  10. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Operators on Rainbow Six Siege?

    My personal favorites for Offense are Montange & Fuze. Then for Defense, my favorites are Mira & Castle.
  11. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Operators on Rainbow Six Siege?

    So I just got back into the Game! I have a few new favorites now! Offense: Capitao, Hibana, and Thermite Defense: Bandit, Lesion, and Valkyrie Also Favorites: Mute, Sledge, Blitz, and Mozzie.
  12. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Definitely interested to get involved into Web Operations again! I’ve reached out to Crusader regarding the IA Spots a few weeks ago with no response.
  13. KSI Packers 7

    Internal Affairs Record Keeper Application

    1. KSI Packers 7 2. Overtime, almost 7 years. This stint is almost at 2 months and no plans to lessen that at all. 3. I was on the IA Records Team before. I showed a lot of organization and became quick at sorting and grouping the files and different cases. 4. I feel like when I was on the team, it was so good to read past KSI History and just feel like I am doing “my part” to help KSI become a better place for all.
  14. KSI Packers 7

    NFL 19' Season Predictions

    To be honest, its going to be a really good and interesting season. The Browns look good but yet again, we are talking about the Browns... The Patriots will be interesting to watch without Gronk and a few other players that left. My Prediction for the Title Games: NFC- Rams vs. Saints (Again) AFC- Chiefs vs. Browns SUPER BOWL- Saints vs. Browns WINNER- Saints
  15. KSI Packers 7

    The Best PC Game?

    Let me know! What do you think is the Best PC Game?
  16. KSI Packers 7

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI Packers97 Squad/Division: Redemption FA Rank: SGT Position Requested: Referee/Host 1.) Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I feel like T&E is a department that can never stop growing and getting better. 2.) What can you bring to the T&E department? I can bring a positive enviroment, knowledge about different games, and organization in tournaments. 3.) Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): I do. I’ve been on the Events Team before and just helped out last night with Friday Night Doubles. 4.) Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Sportsmanship is key. My definition of Sportsmanship is having a great time doing what you love to do head to head but also doing it respectfully, competitively, and kindly. 5.) Define Team in your own words: Team. There is no “I” in Team. Teamwork is key. Working or Playing with in a Team lightens the load for each of the team players. It spreads that workload evenly throughout the team members. 6.) Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes I do. 7.) Have you read the T&E handbook? Yes I have.
  17. KSI Packers 7

    College Football Bowl Season!

    It's that time of year again when College Football hosts it's annual Bowl Games to see which teams are the best and who will be crowned National Champion. This year, there are some elite match ups and I want your opinions on them. Let's start with #8 UCF vs. #11 LSU in the Fiesta Bowl. Being from Florida, I have watched almost every UCF Game this year. They are HOT. However, in the final regular season rivalry match up against USF, their quarterback suffered a season and potentially career ending injury to his Right Knee and Leg. So do they truly have what it takes to take down a powerhouse team like LSU? In my opinion, no. LSU's Defense is incredible and not to mention their offense can get going QUICK. My prediction? LSU beats UCF 35-17. The second game that we will look at will be #10 Florida vs. #7 Michigan in the Peach Bowl. As a Florida Gator fan, this hurts me to even see us playing Michigan. So far, throughout history, Florida is 0-4 against Michigan including a 41-7 loss back in 2016 and a 33-17 loss back in 2017. Florida's Offense is struggling to stay hot but their Defense is killing it. Therefore, I think this actually gives Florida a shot but will it be enough to finally win against Michigan? My prediction? Florida beats Michigan 35-31. The third game that we will look at will be #9 Washington vs. #6 Ohio State in the all-so famous Rose Bowl. This match up is going to be one for the books! Both of these teams have incredible powerhouse Offenses and Defenses. But, with Ohio State's head coach Urban Meyer leaving the program after the game, will it effect them? I believe it will not but it has to at least be in the back of their heads. They've played each other 11 times since 1995 with Ohio State beating Washington 8 of those 11 times. Therefore, my prediction is Ohio State beats Washington 38-31. We can't finish this topic without visiting the College Football Playoff Games! 1.) #2 Clemson vs. #3 Notre Dame in the CFP Semifinal at the Cotton Bowl Classic. Clemson has looked extravagant all season long while Notre Dame has had it's struggles but somehow finished the regular season undefeated. In my opinion, Clemson's Defense is TOO strong for Notre Dame's unbalanced Offense. My prediction? Clemson demolishes Notre Dame 42-21. 2.) #1 Alabama vs. #4 Oklahoma in the CFP Semifinal at the Orange Bowl. Alabama has struggled this season with injuries and tight games but has always found a way to escape a loss and ranking change. However, Oklahoma's Heisman Winning Quarterback looks like he may be able to dismantle the Crimson Tide. Will Alabama's Defense be able to slow down and potentially stop Oklahoma's fast paced Offense? My prediction? UPSET ALERT! Oklahoma narrowly beats Alabama 49-42. You've heard my Thoughts and Predictions so let me hear yours!
  18. Some big names have been thrown out there in recent months about exactly who is running for President of the United States in 2020. With a Year and some change to go, who do you think will submit their name? I do believe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be throwing his name in there.. Will he win? It's a long shot... BUT people said that about Donald Trump as well. Also, do you think Hillary Clinton could actually try and run again?
  19. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite All Time Movie?

    Man... this is a hard one! Some favorite titles of mine include: 1.) World Trade Center 2.) Flight 93 3.) San Andreas 4.) London/Olympus Has Fallen But my favorite has to be...... Moana. Who doesn't like a good Disney film?
  20. KSI Packers 7

    Member of the Month - September

    Love DramaMama!
  21. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite Nascar Driver?

    Taking a huge step here with introducing my inner-redneck with Nascar.. My favorite driver is Kevin Harvick.
  22. KSI Packers 7

    Favorite NBA Team

    Oklahoma City Thunder!
  23. KSI Packers 7

    Try to Argue

    Personally I haven't seen Shawshank Redemption but I have heard that it's a GREAT movie! Although, Forest Gump is not on my list of favorites because I felt that it lacked a bit. Saving Pirate Ryan is an AMAZING movie!
  24. KSI Packers 7

    Who do you think will run for President in 2020?

    I do believe Bernie will throw his name out there too. I am not so sure about Schwarzenegger. Although I can definitely see Ted Cruz going for it again.